[5] Because Thomas was suspicious of both private and public schools, he built a schoolhouse for his children and hired a teacher; Andrew attended this school beginning at age five. Ailsa Mellon Bruce (28 June, 1901) (Daughter) (Died on 25 August 1969 (Socialite, Philanthropist)) Paul Mellon (11 June, 1907) (Son) (Died on 1 February 1999 (Philanthropist)) Fame & Address. Andrew Mellon Net worth Check how rich is Andrew Mellon in 2020? [44] But Mellon also wanted to retire from active participation in business, and he saw a cabinet position as a prestigious capstone to his career. Andrew’s wealth peaked around 1929 -1930, during his tenure as Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department. DEBUT. At roughly the same time they were selling their oil concerns, Andrew and Richard invested in the Carborundum Company, a producer of silicon carbide. Inside are a … Andrew William Mellon Marriage, Affairs and Children. Andrew Mellon helped the family gain control of important oil and steel companies. Mellon sought to reform federal taxation in the aftermath of World War I, cutting taxes on top earners but leaving in place a progressive income tax. Mellon would remain in office until 1932, serving under Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover, all three of whom were members of the Republican Party. [citation needed] Months after Mellon's death, the Board of Tax appeals handed down a ruling exonerating Mellon of all tax fraud charges. Andrew has many family members and associates who include Shelby Mellon, Toni Mellon, Nancy Mellon, Darrell Shotzman and Cory Brown. Truman. [93] From his post, he watched the collapse of the international economic order, including the debt accords that he had helped negotiate. Mellon returned to private life after Hoover's defeat in the 1932 presidential election by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Andrew Mellon was born on Saturday and have been alive for 30,105 days, Andrew Mellon next B'Day will be after 2 Months, 13 Days, See detailed result below. Mellon's influence in state and national politics reached its zenith during Coolidge's presidency. Mellon did not publicly comment on the flood, though he did donate $1,000 to a relief fund. Estimates would put his net worth, just over $80 million in 1923, as high as $600 million — over $9 billion in today’s dollars — six years later. What Dooms Democracy? He served as United States Secretary of the Treasury from March 9, 1921, to February 12, 1932, presiding over the boom years of the 1920s and the Wall Street crash of 1929. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr. stated that Mellon had lived through "an epoch in the economic history of the nation, and his passing takes one of the most important industrial and financial figures of our time". L'inscription et … [20], Mellon and Henry Clay Frick enjoyed a long-lasting business and social relationship, and Frick frequently hosted Mellon, attorney Philander C. Knox, inventor George Westinghouse, and others for poker games. [40] During the early 20th century, Mellon was dismayed by the rise of progressivism and the antitrust actions pursued by the presidential administrations of Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. Mellon participated in various efforts by the Hoover administration to revive the economy and maintain the international economic order, but he opposed direct government intervention in the economy. In the aftermath of the flood, Knox led a legal defense that successfully argued that the club bore no legal responsibility for the flood. A conservative Republican, Mellon favored policies that reduced taxation and the national debt in the aftermath of World War I. Mellon's father, Thomas Mellon, rose to prominence in Pittsburgh as a banker and attorney. According to M. Susan Murnane, major reforms to the federal income tax in the aftermath of World War I were "inevitable", but the exact nature of the tax system in the 1920s was debated by conservatives and progressives within the Republican Party. [47] Before joining the cabinet, Mellon sold his banking stock to his brother, Richard, but he continued to hold his non-banking stock. The ever-so-convenient 1926 repeal of the federal gift tax that Mellon had engineered would enable him to start shifting this fortune tax-free to his heirs. Mellon began collecting art in the mid-to-late 1890s. Wedding of Andrew and Nora Mellon in 1900. Or, Timothy Mellon's net worth in US Dollar Jan, 2021? In June 1924, Coolidge signed the Revenue Act of 1924, which contained the income tax rates of Garner's bill and also increased the estate tax. [68] Coolidge saw his own landslide re-election victory as a mandate to pursue his favored economic policies, including further tax cuts. [108], Mellon was diagnosed with cancer in November 1936. [120], Mellon did not remarry. He later became a judge and made smart investments in banking and real estate. Newspapers across the country took note of his death. Yes, I want to work with … Blog Read More » Andrew Mellon was an extraordinary judge of entrepreneurial talent, and among the many companies he helped to found and fund were ALCOA, Carborundum, Koppers, and Gulf Oil. Celebrities Val Mellon Net Worth Val Mellon Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography Source: Andrew Burton / Getty Images 20. Though Mellon's supporters believed that he was highly qualified to address the economic issues facing the country, critics of the Harding administration saw the Mellon appointment as a sign that Harding would "reseat the power of special privileged interests, the powers of avarice and greed, the powers that seek self-aggrandizement at the expense of the general public". [125] He later settled in Virginia, becoming a well-known philanthropist. [46] Harding paired the nomination of Mellon with that of Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover, who was distrusted by many of the same Senate Republicans who favored Mellon's candidacy. From the wealthy Mellon family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he established a vast business empire before transitioning into politics. 3 quotes from Andrew Mellon: 'A moment's reflection will convince any one that prosperity cannot come from continued plunging into debt. Andrew William Mellon (/ˈmɛlən/; March 24, 1855 – August 26, 1937), sometimes A.W., was an American banker, businessman, industrialist, philanthropist, art collector, and politician. Andrew Mellon, March 24, Businessman, politician, banker and art collector Andrew Mellon was born in Pittsburgh on March 24, 1855, to Thomas Alexander Mellon and Sarah Jane Negley, His family was Protestant immigrant from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland who had arrived in Pennsylvania in 1918. At the time of his death in 1937 Andrew Mellon's net worth was the equivalent of $50.5 billion. Hoover removed Mellon from Washington by offering him the position of ambassador to the United Kingdom. #15: Richard B. Mellon – $50.5 billion (1858 – 1933, banking) [30], The Panic of 1907 devastated several companies based in Pittsburgh, ending a period of strong growth. Washington, D.C. 20220. as of 12/16/20. Andrew Mellon is from United States. The Mellon siblings were prominently featured in Fortune magazine’s first list of wealthiest Americans with a net worth in between $400 million and $700 million in 1957 dollars each. [69] In February 1926, Coolidge signed the Revenue Act of 1926, which reduced the top marginal rate to 25%. $11.5B. He branched out into industrial concerns, becoming a director of the Pittsburgh Petroleum Exchange and a co-founder of two natural gas companies that collectively controlled 35,000 acres of gas lands in the late 1880s. He blew us away with his great, approachable organization tactics and shocking facts and data on how clutter costs us in so many ways. Andrew Mellon a financier and philanthropist who served as secretary of the Treasury under three U.S. Presidents. 4 Kennedy Family [107] Between February 1935 and May 1936, the Board of Tax Appeals heard a widely covered case in which the federal government accused Mellon of tax fraud. He especially opposed the Taft administration's investigations into Alcoa, which in 1912 signed a consent decree rather than going to trial. [6], In 1869, after leaving his judicial position, Thomas Mellon established T. Mellon & Sons, a bank located in Pittsburgh. His net worth was estimated to range from $300 to $400 million ($4.1B to $5.5B in today’s dollars). In addition to cutting taxes on top earners, the act also raised the personal exemption for federal income taxes, abolished the gift tax, reduced the estate tax rate, and repealed a provision that had required the public disclosure of federal income tax returns. As the vast majority of Americans did not own shares in the stock market, the crash did not immediately have disastrous effects on the U.S. economy as a whole. Mellon’s personal net worth, just over $80 million in 1923, would be estimated as high as $600 million — about $9 billion today — six years later. At the time of the merg… #15: Richard B. Mellon – $50.5 billion (1858 – 1933, banking) Encouraged by Frick, and guided by Charles Carstairs. [60] Harding died after suffering a stroke in August 1923, and he was succeeded by Vice President Calvin Coolidge. [27] As part of the Texas oil boom, the Mellons also helped J. M. Guffey establish the Guffey Company. Mellon’s only two children, Alisa Mellon Bruce and Paul Mellon, used their father’s fortune to become among the nation’s most visible and well-known socialites and philanthropists. also latest information on Andrew Mellon cars, Andrew Mellon income, remuneration, lifestyle.Based on Online sources ( Wikipedia,google Search,Yahoo search) Andrew Mellon estimated net worth is $ USD 8 Mil and Primary income from politician,diplomat,banker,art collector. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the product of the merger of the Avalon Foundation and the Old Dominion Foundation (set up separately by his children), is named in his honor, as is the 378-foot US Coast Guard Cutter Mellon (WHEC-717). Though they had maintained an amicable relationship in public, Mellon privately distrusted Hoover, resented Hoover's engagement in the affairs of other cabinet departments, and feared that a President Hoover would move away from Mellon's tax policies. 3 quotes from Andrew Mellon: 'A moment's reflection will convince any one that prosperity cannot come from continued plunging into debt. [35] Mellon was deeply involved in the financing of World War I, as the Union Trust Company and other Mellon institutions provided millions of dollars in loans to the United Kingdom and France, and Mellon himself invested in Liberty bonds. Mills. Due in part to the size of the U.S. public debt, which had grown from $1 billion before the war to $24 billion in 1921, the provisions of the Revenue Act of 1918 remained in place when Harding took office. [citation needed], Secretary Mellon had helped persuade the Federal Reserve Board to lower interest rates in 1921 and 1924; lower interest rates contributed to a booming economy, but they also encouraged stock market speculation. December 22, 2020. Congress responded by passing the Revenue Act of 1932, which included many of Treasury Department's proposals. For example, Mellons hold an estimated 30 per cent of the outstanding stock of the Aluminum Company of America, worth $425‐mil lion. Additionally, the Revenue Act of 1934 and the Revenue Act of 1935 rescinded many of Mellon's tax policies and contained other provisions that were designed to increase taxation on top earners and corporations. Estimates would put his net worth, just over $80 million in 1923, as high as $600 million — over $9 billion in today’s dollars — six years later. [109] His health declined in 1937, and he died on August 26, 1937. Excluding monarchs and autocrats, the wealthiest private individuals in the history of capitalism are variously identified as Jakob Fugger (died 1525), of the early modern Fugger family of merchants and bankers,[3] prominent figures of India's Delhi and Bengal Sultanate and Mughal Empire, and early 20th-century American entrepreneurs Andrew Carnegie (died 1919)[4] and John D. Rockefeller (died 1937). Mellon accepted the post, and Mills replaced his former boss as Secretary of the Treasury. Who was Matthew Melon and what was his net worth? In the alternate history/time travel story "A Slip in Time" by S. M. Stirling,[144] featuring a history in which the First World War was avoided and the Austro-Hungarian Empire survived, Andrew Mellon was the President of the United States in 1926. Source: Andrew Burton / Getty Images 20. [113] Nora gave birth to a daughter, Ailsa, in 1901. The Andrew W Mellon Foundation, set up by Paul and Ailsa, makes grants annually of approximately $200m (£122m). … [100] Mellon strongly opposed Roosevelt's New Deal policies, especially the 1933 Banking Act, which required a separation between commercial and investment banking. Shortly before his death in 1937, Mellon helped establish the National Gallery of Art, a national art museum. Mellon is the subject of three unflattering chapters in Matt Stoller's 2019 book, Goliath: The 100 Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy, which recounts efforts by populists in Washington (namely, Congressman Wright Patman; Roosevelt administration lawyer Robert H. Jackson; and Ferdinand Pecora, attorney for the Senate Banking Committee) to expose Mellon's crimes and abuse of power for personal gain. Mellon is known as a private equity investor focusing on the oil and luxury. [7] Including monarchs, he mentions Empress Wu for Antiquity, Razia Sultana and Isabella of Castile for Middle Ages, and Catherine the Great for modern history.[8]. COVID-19 Response, Press Releases. Grant Mellon Wiki, Dating, Family, Net Worth By Sabena Shahi | On: 07 Nov, 2019 Grant Mellon is an American actor who gained recognition for his recurring role as Bennett in the 2019 television series, If Loving You Is Wrong . [33] In 1914, Mellon became a co-owner of Koppers, which produced a more sophisticated coking oven than the one that had earlier been pioneered by Frick. Unlike the progressives in his party, Mellon rejected the redistributive nature of the taxation system that had been left in place by the Wilson administration. Home » About » History » Andrew W. Mellon (1921 - 1932) Andrew W. Mellon (1921 - 1932) This link has moved. [75] He strongly opposed the cancellation of European debts from World War I, but recognized that Britain and other countries would be unable to pay those debts without a renegotiation of terms. While numerous banks failed, Democrats won control of Congress in the 1930 mid-term elections. [8] With Andrew taking a leading role at T. Mellon & Sons, the bank quickly recovered, and by late 1874 the bank's deposits had reached the level they had been at prior to the onset of the Panic. Again following Hoover's lead, Mellon presided over the creation of the National Credit Association, a voluntary initiative among the larger banks that was designed to assist failing institutions. 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Mellon attempted to convince Coolidge or Charles Evans Hughes to run, but neither heeded his appeals. Andrew William Mellon (1855–1937), one of the longest-serving U.S. Treasury secretaries in history and also the namesake of Washington, D.C.'s Andrew Mellon Building and Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium. The New Yorker, who died in a rehabilitation centre in Cancun, Mexico, turned a … After this experience, Mellon refrained from courting women for several years. Beginning in 1933, the federal government launched a tax fraud investigation on Mellon, leading to a high-profile case that ended with Mellon's exoneration. Mellon also served as an alumni president[129] and trustee[130] of the University of Pittsburgh, and made several major donations to the school, including the land on which the Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Chapel were constructed. Henry Ford was an American automotive engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of the. [16] The company would emerge as one of the most profitable ventures invested in by the Mellons, and in 1907 it was renamed as Alcoa. Using the inflation model, in adjusted dollars for late 2017, his net worth would be US$350 billion. [39] When Frick died in December 1919, he left his share to Mellon. Along with his nephew, William Larimer Mellon, Mellon became an influential player in Pennsylvania politics, and their support helped ensure the elections of Senator David A. Reed and Senator George W. Pepper in 1922. At the time of his death in 1937 Andrew Mellon's net worth was the equivalent of $50.5 billion. [61] William Allen White, a contemporary journalist, stated that "so completely did Andrew Mellon dominate the White House in the days when the Coolidge administration was at its zenith that it would be fair to call the administration the reign of Coolidge and Mellon. Ranking (Present World Billionaires If Alive) Name Country of Origin Lifetime Net worth equivalent (billion USD) Description 1 Jakob Fugger: Augsburg (modern-day Germany) 1459–1525 (66 years) 400: German merchant, mining entrepreneur and banker. Musa was the tenth emperor of the, William the Conqueror became personally enormously wealthy from spoils of war during the, Alan Rufus, 1st Lord of Richmond, was a relative and companion of, Fought alongside William the Conqueror at the, English nobleman and admiral. Purge the rottenness out of the system. Banking guru Matthew Mellon has died in rehab in Mexico Credit: Getty - Contributor. General Information: (202) 622-2000 Fax: (202) 622-6415 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm View Treasury Auctions. For the medieval and ancient history, comparison of wealth becomes more problematic, on one hand due to the inaccuracy or unreliability of records, on the other due to the difficulty of comparing a pre-industrial economy to a modern one, and especially in the presence of absolute monarchy, where an entire kingdom or empire is considered the ruler's personal property. Due to problems arising from different definitions of wealth, ways of measuring it, various economic models throughout history, as well as multiple other reasons, this article discusses the wealthiest people in the following separate historical time periods: Antiquity, Middle Ages and modern period. [63] Their efforts were opposed by the coalition of Democrats and progressive Republicans that exercised effective control over the 68th Congress. Mellon visited McMullen's home of Hertford Castle in 1898 and 1899, and, after a period of courtship, Nora married Mellon in 1900. Nora lived in Pittsburgh for several years before eventually settling in the Hudson Valley, and the two children alternated living with either parent. He later renamed T. Mellon & Sons as Mellon National Bank and established another financial institution, the Union Trust Company. Buy now! Chercher les emplois correspondant à Andrew w mellon net worth ou embaucher sur le plus grand marché de freelance au monde avec plus de 19 millions d'emplois. [72] Mellon also focused on the construction of new federal buildings, and his efforts led to the construction of several buildings in the Federal Triangle. Mellon did, however, win one legislative victory, as he convinced Congress to create the Board of Tax Appeals to adjudicate disputes between taxpayers and the government. He was also an influential donor to the Republican Party during the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era. Elizabeth Alexander, a poet, scholar, and memoirist, has been tapped to lead the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the nation’s pre-eminent humanities grant maker. Synopsis Andrew Mellon took over his father's bank and built up a financial-industrial empire. [145], American diplomat, banker, businessman, industrialist, philanthropist, and art collector, Stoller, Matt. He also presided over a reduction in the national debt, which dropped substantially in the 1920s. [134] In the early 1930s, he purchased, according to Cannadine, just under half of the "greatest paintings" from the Soviet Union's Hermitage Museum in the Soviet sale of Hermitage paintings. At age 30 he set out to find a wife. In November 1921, Congress passed and Harding signed the Revenue Act of 1921, which raised personal tax exemptions and lowered the top marginal tax rate to 58%. The Monuments Project: Expanding the American Story (Event Video) December 2020. Mellon argued that such a reduction would minimize tax avoidance and would not affect federal revenue because it would lead to greater economic growth. [106] In response to accusations levied by Republican Congressman Louis Thomas McFadden of Pennsylvania in early 1933, Attorney General Homer Cummings began an inquiry into Mellon's tax history. Timothy Mellon salary income and net worth data provided by People Ai provides an estimation for any internet celebrity's real salary income and net worth like Timothy Mellon based on real numbers. He also became a co-owner of the McClintic-Marshall Construction Company and established Crucible Steel Company, the Pittsburgh Coal Company, and the Monongahela River Coal Company; the two coal companies collectively contributed 11 percent of the coal production of the United States. [111], In the early 1880s, Mellon had a serious relationship with Fannie Larimer Jones, but he broke off the relationship after learning that she was suffering from tuberculosis. Inherited much of his wealth from his father, Mansa Musa, or Musa I of Mali is considered one of the richest people ever. [121] In 1923, Nora married Harvey Arthur Lee, a British-born antiques dealer 14 years her junior. Matthew Mellon is the head of one of the richest families in the USA. With an infusion of capital from Union Trust, Mellon underwrote the capitalization of National Glass and several other companies. [52] Aside from balancing the budget, Mellon's top priority was an overhaul of the federal tax code. "[89][90], Facing a large deficit, Mellon and Mills called for a return to the tax rates set by the Revenue Act of 1924, and also sought new taxes on automobiles, gasoline, and other items. He’s also the Chairman of the New York Republican… Nowadays over 2,000 people around the world boast a net worth of 10 figures or more. Goliath: The 100 Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy, Simon & Schuster, 2019, United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, United States ambassador to the United Kingdom, "The Rise & Fall of America's Oldest Whiskey", "How Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey Lost Its Way", "Information about famous members of Freemasonry", "Andrew W. Mellon: Building a Banking Empire", "Wright Patman and the Impeachment of Andrew Mellon", "Was Andrew Mellon Really the Supply Sider That Conservatives Like to Believe", Andrew W. Mellon and the National Gallery, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on history of the Mellons and Mellon Financial, United States Secretaries of the Treasury, Ambassadors of the United States of America to the Court of St. James's, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Andrew_Mellon&oldid=999131098, Ambassadors of the United States to the United Kingdom, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2018, Wikipedia articles with PLWABN identifiers, Wikipedia articles with RKDartists identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 17:06. [82] Mellon favored another interest rate increase in 1929, and in August 1929 the Federal Reserve Board raised the discount rate to six percent. ', 'A bonus or subsidy can be paid only by taking money out of the pockets of all the people in order that it shall find its way back into the pockets of some of the people. NetworthWikia.com published an article about Andrew Mellon & said that Andrew's net worth is $17 Million. [32] By the end of 1913, Mellon National Bank held more money in deposits than any other bank in Pittsburgh, and the Farmer's Deposit National Bank, which held the second-largest amount of deposits, was controlled by Mellon's Union Trust Company. The richest among the Rothschilds was the head of its English branch—Nathan Mayer Rothschild (d. 1836)—the richest person of his time. [14] Despite the large sums entrusted to Andrew, the businesses he ran were still fairly small in the 1890s; T. Mellon & Sons employed seven individuals in 1895. [3] Thomas became a wealthy landowner and real estate speculator, and he and his wife had eight children, five of whom survived to adulthood. That same year, Thomas introduced his son to Henry Clay Frick, a customer of the bank who would become one of Mellons's closest friends. [101] Mellon believed that the various New Deal policies, including Social Security and unemployment insurance, undermined the free market system that had produced one of the largest economies in the world. [91] In early 1932, Congressman Wright Patman of Texas initiated impeachment proceedings against Mellon, contending that Mellon had violated numerous federal laws designed to prevent conflicts of interest. [54], The Revenue Act of 1918 had set a top marginal income tax rate of 73% and a corporate tax of approximately 10%. French-born American banker. [22], By the late 1890s, Mellon had amassed a substantial fortune, but his wealth paled in comparison to that of better-known business leaders such as John D. ... enterprising people will pick up the wrecks from less competent people. Through state party boss Matthew Quay, Mellon influenced legislators to place high tariffs on aluminum products in the McKinley Tariff of 1890. The ever-so-convenient 1926 repeal of the federal gift tax that Mellon had engineered would enable … The father-of-three, who was married to Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon, had battled opioi… [4] Though he lacked strong convictions about slavery, Thomas Mellon became a prominent member of the local Republican Party, and in 1859 he won election to a position on the Pennsylvania court of common pleas. Andrew Mellon, Richard Mellon, and Frick drew up a new business arrangement in which the three of them jointly controlled the Union Trust Company, which in turn controlled Mellon National Bank. 2020 America's Richest Families NET WORTH. In 1921, newly elected president Warren G. Harding chose Mellon as his Secretary of the Treasury. Synopsis Andrew Mellon took over his father's bank and built up a financial-industrial empire. The cartoon figure in black top hat and tails with white mustache on the board game Monopoly is modeled after Mellon. [84], By mid-1930, many, including Mellon, believed that the economy had already experienced the worst effects of the stock market crash. He also convinced the British to allow Gulf Oil to operate in Kuwait, a British protectorate in the oil-rich region of the Persian Gulf. Haskell. Despite the ongoing tax case against Mellon, the Roosevelt administration accepted the offer, and Congress passed legislation authorizing the construction of the National Gallery of Art on Mellon's terms. Andrew Mellon was one of the wealthiest people in the United States and the third-highest income-tax payer in the mid-1920s – behind John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford. The Revenue Act of 1928 did indeed cut the corporate tax, but the estate tax was left unchanged. [112] In 1898, while traveling with Frick and Frick's wife to Europe, Mellon met Nora McMullen, a nineteen-year-old Englishwoman of Ulster Scots ancestry. [87], With the unemployment rate approaching twenty percent, Mellon became one of the most "loathed leaders" in the United States, second only to Hoover himself. [95], Knox and Penrose both died in 1921, leaving a power vacuum in Pennsylvania Republican politics. What was Matthew Mellon’s cause of death, what was his net worth and who’s his ex-wife Tamara Mellon? [26] Another successful Mellon investment, the Standard Steel Car Company, was created in partnership with three former U.S. Steel executives. also latest information on Andrew Mellon cars, Andrew Mellon income, remuneration, lifestyle.Based on Online sources ( Wikipedia,google Search,Yahoo search) Andrew Mellon estimated net worth is $ USD 3 Mil and Primary income from politician,diplomat,banker,art collector. The decision left Hoover as the presumed front-runner for the 1928 presidential election, but many conservatives within the party opposed Hoover's candidacy. [17] The reconciliation proved short-lived, as Nora took up with Curphey again in 1908 and requested a divorce the following year. [28] The Mellons later removed Guffey as the head of his company, and in 1907 they reorganized the Guffey Company as Gulf Oil and installed William Larimer Mellon Sr. (a son of Andrew Mellon's older brother, James Ross Mellon) as the head of Gulf Oil.

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