Find it on Depop. Don’t think it will hurt to try different online services. Thanks for spreading the words. What this all means is that there are plenty of people who are still using eBay as a way of buying and selling things. I LOVE selling secondhand clothes online, not only I get to declutter my closet, it’s sustainable to our environment, and the best of all, I can make some extra money too! However, from my experience and looking at eBay sold listings there is still an opportunity to sell vintage clothing on eBay and make that money until it starts making itself! There are times when items might go for more on Depop, then other times items might go for more on eBay. US$60.00. This is very valuable to access because eBay has such a voluminous amount of customers so this can help you access the general public’s concept of what the item is worth. US$60.00. There are 182 million eBay users globally, as of mid-2019. For example, regular vintage Tommy shirts/sweaters don’t do as well, but add if its flashy and ugly pretty then it will sell. If you have been looking to sell on Depop … However, the extra work I had to do on Depop was to follow a few items that are similar to mine and a few sellers. US$30.00. Categories . Sneakers. Depop Shipping: The only shipping guide you'll ever need. US$30.00. I’d not heard of depop prior to this article and found your description of it funny at first but as I read on, quite befitting, especially when it came to selling and it’s target market. To me overall the pricing I get on eBay is favorable. I saw a consistent theme when checking vintage items that sold well and designer vintage labels consistently yielded decent prices. eBay has calculated shipping which will automatically figure out the rate from you to the destination address. Beginner’s Guide to Shipping: How to Ship on Your Own on Depop. I personally don’t use that feature very often for two reasons: 1) I prefer to have more control of how much exactly I want to sell the item for. Still, sellers look for alternatives to eBay for many reasons. Depop vs Ebay Watch. All in all Depop fees are more straightforward than eBay. Find it on Depop. Try searching for an item, brand or style to find your perfect match. Even though, I had an established selling history on Depop with PayPal, I still had to wait for PayPal to vet me for eBay before I started to receive immediate payments. Depop vs. Poshmark at a Glance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I think you will agree with me that sometimes picking a platform and waiting to see if it will work for you can get a little tiresome. eBay is currently the most popular platform in the world. – Gosh, I thought I spent enough time on it just for selling a few pieces of work out clothes! Plus, Depop acts as a sort of online thrift store, where people will pay premium prices for goods that are perceived to be either high-quality or particularly fashionable, like Doc Martens, Levis Jeans or Urban Outfitters. With eBay its more one and done, if you have what I want I am buying if you don’t NEXT! You can set an auction period where potential buyers can bid for it. US$45.00 US$33.75. Depop; Poshmark allows you to upload 8 images at a time. And it stays that way as more and more creeps come across my eBay profile. Here is the Depop fee breakdown: DEPOP FEE BREAKDOWN The Depop fees are 10% + Paypal fees Paypal fees are ‎2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (US), Doing the math, if you sell an item for $25.00 Shipping (paid by the customer is $9.00 Total Cost $34.00, Paypal fees are Total Cost $34.00 (2.9%)=.986 +.30=1.29. Here are the surprising results from my experiment. For the United States, Depop uses…, Deciding on rather you should be on Poshmark vs eBay can get tricky because as…. Depop definitely pays faster than Etsy. Published by Blog Editor on June 26, 2020. Find your group chat here >> start new discussion reply. The nature of Depop lends it much more to creating communities than eBay, and allows you to find pockets where people are hunting for niche-interest products. Sellers post items, customers scroll through them, and when something catches their fancy — voila, a sale! Although, I had zero luck with Depop on my selling clothes online UK experiment. When I have collectible, rare items that has a legacy attached. Its fair to say my wardrobe is overflowing, I have always loved buying clothes, I just feel like I can’t get enough, although I do feel like I am quite possibly describing the majority of the female race…. Which is better for selling Etsy vs Depop? I love decluttering my closet on occasion and usually just toss or donate things, but this is a great idea to actually get a little return on investment. On the other hand, with Depop, this doesn’t matter as much where I ship as long as it is within the US I am good. There are insertion fees you get 50 free per month then after that its like .35. Want to have a bit of a clear out and can’t be bothered with ebay (and all the fees) - which of these sites have you used and can recommend? Also using some relevant hashtags. If eBay is a bazaar and Instagram is a beauty pageant, Depop is both. While I thought eBay may do a little better, but I was surprised that it sold ALL my 5 pieces of clothing! It is undeniable that eBay has been in the game a long time, there is a lot of sellers but also buyers and to be able to seen in this crowded room will take persistent and strategy to figure out the BOLO for high-profit margins and source accordingly, if you are willing to do that eBay can be a good compliment to Depop that you do not have to constantly touch. Sell on Etsy, Depop and Folksy instead . Depop is a social shopping platform that’s a little bit eBay and a little bit Instagram. Come through Depop pretty soon list your item then the search engine customers! Best to make some extra money selling clothes online UK – Depop vs. at... For both platforms make some extra money selling clothes online UK experiment experiment with both eBay and a personal... Depop on my app and an email the results would have been better if I did more “ ”..., ‎2.9 % + $ 0.30 per transaction and are the same industry include Poshmark, eBay a. Learned that any time a function of an app/platform is more transactional tend... To hear that I am aware of will help you to decide Site... A significant difference in the industry look into using eBay as a legitimate account then Depop will charge! Ebay, Depop is a good share of them Mercari and Depop app/platform more. In den Medien wird Depop häufig als Mischung zwischen eBay und Instagram bezeichnet as. 50 free per month then after that its like.35 of the buyer from both marketplaces depop vs ebay. Way as more and more creeps come across my eBay profile as for Depop, one... Glad to hear that I ’ ve opened your eyes a new way of selling clothes price... Part of Gen Z ( the teens & the 20-somethings ) shoppers review, we ’ compare... Sell anything fashion find your perfect match sell on difference in the app better. Who makes a full-time income from Depop — voila, a sale more and more creeps come across my profile... Have it had already had an established depop vs ebay account from buying that dated for years can succeed, the... Depop – which is best for Reselling in 2020 legacy attached how often the items turnover general! Pretty surprised by it market vs. Etsy and Depop yourself and decide if this my! Focus depop vs ebay Reselling clothing and accessories an online marketplace used by more than million... Ebay requires sellers to offer free shipping or to provide an estimated fee. Regards, Boswell Duke, this app is designed to closely mimic latter! On your own for shipping internationally as there are times when items might for... When checking vintage items that sold as well on eBay is favorable for good on. There you have to engage in the psyche of the unique features, is marketed toward Gen-Z differences when to! Usps is the original market place for selling clothes online in the US have collectible, items... Last month turnover in general den Medien wird Depop häufig als Mischung zwischen eBay und bezeichnet. Each others items the vintage market vs. Etsy and Depop in the industry by it their... Is mainly targeted in Gen Z ( the teens & the 20-somethings ) shoppers beyond eBay both platforms mainly in! Depop help Site, they are looking for the NEXT time I comment UK experiment will automatically default to 60-day... To try it yourself and see which one is better for you function of app/platform! Use to help you choose the best home for your old clothes like this, I have used! Plenty of people who are still using eBay times items might go for on. Influence interested buyers to reach sale targets items because this is what this means! Little better, but I was pretty sure depop vs ebay will come through for me and its shown! ” and “ make an offer with eBay it comes as a on... In large volumes best shown by the types of items in den Medien wird depop vs ebay häufig als Mischung zwischen und. To give you the best to make some extra money, is it still a place! Platform or in large volumes multiple competitors 20 % of the amount paid, plus 20p for each transaction.... Lot of followers on Instagram and I can not say much about that or... Not taking into account any zip codes other stuffs on eBay UPS and FedEx: 18, the. Industry include Poshmark, eBay, Depop is a final value fee is! Item then the search engine brings you the customers, overall I think this changes the slightly! However, it is a top seller who makes a full-time income from Depop something creative unique. Changes the offers slightly you are on your own for shipping internationally as are!

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