That’s obviously far short of the original 40 million forecast. Editor’s note: This post was last updated on Jan. 13, 2021 with new information. Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (June 30, 2020), Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (June 18, 2020), Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (June 13, 2020), Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (May 28, 2020). Foreigners, including those with residency in Japan, who have been to countries on the entry ban list within 14 days of their arrival in Japan will be turned away under current border control measures. If you’re aiming for sakura season (late March to early April 2021 in most popular spots), that’s definitely overzealous. UPS will be your most reliable transport method to ensure Christmas gifts arrive in time for the holidays. All estimated shipping times due not apply during the Covid crisis. Many of Japan’s decisions–or lack thereof–the last several months have been driven by fear of cultural outsiders and indecisiveness. Please refer to this notice for the countries affected by the suspension of the Japan Post: 【Regarding the suspension of postal services by Japan Post to certain countries and regions (Updated on 2020/11/24)】 For other countries/regions, we will inform you again on the website as soon as there is an update from Japan Post. Many couriers will … Questions still remain about how tourism will resume, and how the aforementioned health management plan, centers, and app will work. UPS is available to the USA, Australia, Mexico, and India. Japan Post (日本郵政公社, Nippon Yūsei Kōsha) was a government-owned corporation in Japan that existed from 2003 to 2007, offering postal and package delivery services, banking services, and life insurance. Special procedures developed to expedite the safe entry of athletes from overseas ahead of the Olympics have been partially suspended as a result. We will let you know as soon as we receive any of these parcels and we will discuss your options through email correspondence. To most European countries, Canada, and Asia we can use AIRMAIL and EMS through Japan Post. Heavier orders with multiple items will see better value in shipping-per-item cost. As some regions of the United States begin to reopen businesses, the experience from places such as Germany, Japan, and South Korea could provide valuable lessons and guidance. Both posts cited flight reductions in their announcements. But AIRMAIL will save you a lot of money when comparing to UPS. Japan Post has re-opened shipping routes to two more countries: Italy and New Zealand. Thanks for your patience if it takes longer. ... Major economies reopen but traffic still 60%: Google data. The postal situation is very fluid and restrictions can change suddenly. This means that those of you who have been patiently waiting for months will likely see your parcels very soon. Any questions? This will further put delays on deliveries. Obviously, I was right in my thinking – they would be in a better position to manage the crisis. I certainly think their bowing/masking/caring more for others’ wellbeing culture has helped keep their case count far below ours (US). I’m still wishing Japan will reopen borders even slightly to people on a tourist visa in April and will definitely even buy a literal last minute ticket to go there. Delivery times are not certain since this change is new, but our local post office believes it will take longer than pre-Covid days. Note that there still may be … Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 21, 2020). Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 30, 2020) Golden Week Holiday (May 2 - 6) : We cannot ship parcels out until May 7th, when Japan Post reopens after this extended national holiday. Tokyo Disney parks reopen after 4-month closure due to coronavirus. We are planning a trip in Oct/Nov 2021. US … But AIRMAIL will save you a lot of money when comparing to UPS. It’s also possible that Japan further accelerates these plans and moves forward the trial entry date for arrivals from select countries. Fortunately the goods we offer have freshness dates that extend from mid-summer to late winter. What I know from my contacts is that there is no domestic constituency pushing for a reopening outside of the hospitality/travel industry. You also can choose Small Parcel Airmail but tracking is not available for this service. China, South Korea and Japan are beginning to reopen some of their museums now that their aggressive lockdowns, quarantines and testing regimes have curtailed the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). While there have been repeated delays and missed target dates for Japan’s reopening, Spring 2021 is pretty much the deadline for getting things back on track if the Olympics are to proceed. However, the country is stepping up preparations with the decision on whether to approve the vaccine expected in February. When this first happened, my friends were surprised to hear that I still wanted to go, expecting the outbreak to be worse in Japan. If you’re planning your trip to Japan, what do you think about these itineraries? The Health Center will be set up specifically for overseas visitors to Japan as a way to take the pressure off local governments and avoid overburdening the Japanese health system. Given the latest updates and new restrictions as of January 2021, we are skeptical about this plan. I am hoping by then that tourists will be allow in by producing a negative COVID test and/or proof of vaccination. It is also asking for $170 billion to help schools safely reopen, helping them fund measures like improving classroom air ventilation and buying personal protective equipment. Japan said Friday it has agreed with Singapore and Brunei to reopen their borders for newly arriving expatriates and other long-term residents from next Wednesday and Oct. 8, respectively. To date, we are seeing about a 50% delivery on May orders. due to logistics issues related to Covid-19. Effective April 3, the USPS will not accept mail addressed to these twenty-two affected countries. Although it’s only a few months away, a lot could change in a relatively short amount of time–we’re at the point where there’s light at the end of the tunnel. International postal items that have already been received by April 1 from the aforementioned countries will be returned to their point of origin. About Japan Post. We are crossing our fingers and optimistic that we will be traveling again soon. Those who test negative upon arrival to Japan will not be required to quarantine inside a hotel for 14 days. The Japan Post announced that it will suspend EMS and airmail addressed to the United States, starting April 24, 2020. Elderly people will likely start getting inoculated in late March 2021, to be followed by people with underlying health conditions in April 2021. I now advise my clients to avoid planning travel to Japan before the fall. Your email address will not be published. Would you consider visiting Japan later this year, or is international travel out of the question for you until there’s a vaccine? CANADA SHIPPING: EMS Shipping has been temporarily suspended due to logistic issues caused by Covid-19. We have no control on any delays within the system. This makes sense, as increased inbound visitation was one of the biggest success stories of “Abenomics.” The now-delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics were instrumental to these plans, with Japan’s inbound tourism target for 2020 being 40 million visitors at the start of the year. Japan post are more definitely shipping internationally. And we are all subject to its whims. Japan’s government still has not given regulatory approval to any of the vaccine candidates. You can’t run before you walk. Currently we use UPS for the United States, Australia, and India. Allowing extended stay business travelers and international students to return is a necessary prerequisite to bringing back tourists. Update Oct. 8, 2020 : Japan Post to Resume Shipping with Non-Registered Airmail to the U.S. Japan Post announced that they will resume shipping with Non-Registered Airmail as well as printed matters up to 5kg by Airmail from Oct. 9, 2020. Welcome back! April 1st, 2020 Joaquin Ibanez. Japan Post has not announced when they will resume the acceptance of international mail from the affected countries. Australia's Richest. We originally planned on traveling to Japan for sakura season, staying for a little over one month to research and update our Ultimate Guide to Kyoto. We are now using UPS to ship to: USA, Australia, New Zealand. In the meantime, we’ve been doing a lot of stories at The Points Guy … This includes how to ensure the app is used, the number of tourists allowed in during the Olympics, and what limitations will be placed on tourist activities while in Japan. However, most major department stores will close from about 6PM on December 31st through January 1st and will re-open with regular business hours from January 2nd. We are planning a trip to Japan for mid to late May 2021. Japan has already reported several cases of the variant, but medical experts have nonetheless encouraged stronger border control. Japan's postal service is suspending mail to the US as of Friday, April 24, 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the USPS put "air to sea diversion" in effect. No timeline has been revealed for the general public. Not much has changed during the last half of summer and SAL (economy shipping) is still not available to any country. (Avoid Golden Week, which is April 29 to May 5, 2021.). This will be an express service that should allow delivery within a week to most areas. Of … 9. share. A judge on Thursday ordered the feds to wait to extradite the American father-son duo accused of helping ex-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn flee Japan last year. We have no control on any delays within the system. We cannot predict when your parcel will arrive. ... As you get closer to your re-open dates, communicate with your furloughs/lay-offs more frequently. Required fields are marked *,, We have read that most Japanese plan to be vaccinated by April, and we are not concerned about mask compliance or sanitization measures in Japan. Several international postal services have notified the USPS that they are currently unable to accept or deliver mail originating from The United States. I am planning to travel to Japan for 6 days in September 2021. Japan will reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in the country for some time, including students and business people, but excluding tourists, from October, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said Friday, in a major easing of entry restrictions imposed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. It would also further fan the flames on a debate about whether the Olympics should be held at all. Life in Japan Post-COVID-19: What can we expect? Tourist destinations Hokkaido and Kyoto to remain closed So I definitely hope Japan will take partners of Japanese citizens in consideration if there’s to be a trial period for regular travelers this spring. While Japan took several steps forward late last year, those have now been partially undone. There are no delays since UPS has their own shipping network which does not rely on third parties. In a nutshell, it’s presently impossible to visit Japan unless you are a Japanese citizen or meet one of the few exceptions. (We see the irony in our complaint here.). We also plan on taking the vaccine when it is available. We suggest you purchase a shipping method with tracking so you have an idea of when your parcel will deliver. While Japan’s reopening has occurred in fits and starts thus far, we remain optimistic that a further acceleration will occur. By David McElhinney. Some places we like to visit that were once serene or frequently primarily by locals are now often overrun by tourists. These plans were abandoned at the last minute, and we stayed in the United States. To that end, Japanese leaders have expressed a desire to balance being diligent against spread with considering how to resume international travel. Only ~4 million international travelers have visited Japan last year. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. There are a lot of factors that have to come together to make these sailings happen but one thing's for sure. From there, UPS handles the parcel and gets it out very quickly. At this point, the clock is ticking on the Tokyo Summer Olympics. It was the nation's largest employer, with over 400,000 employees, and ran 24,700 post offices throughout Japan. I've been sending packages for the past 2 weeks, although one for USA did come back when it shouldn't have. Instead, they’ll be required to report their health status through the health management app for 14 days after entering Japan. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to go. Please keep checking back for updates. Hearing your feedback about your experiences is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts or questions below in the comments! It does seem like the scales have tipped away from that in the last month, though. Foreign residents are allowed to reenter Japan, albeit with quarantine and testing requirements. All AIR and EMS orders already in the system are expected to deliver, however, they will be VERY LATE (No ETA is given by Japan Post) and this is something we have absolutely no control over. With any luck, if and when Japan opens its borders to tourists again, I’ll be able to return there this year because I miss it dreadfully. This pandemic really affected aircraft availability and thus created these massive delays. That’s probably not going to apply to anyone reading this English language blog post, so let’s turn to what the future holds…. Even as the state of emergency currently in place will be extended beyond May 6, the Japanese government must continue planning for reopening the country. The health app and covid testing sound like solid ideas. We are focusing on those countries where Japan Post has temporarily suspended service. We appreciate you patience and understanding. As of today (April 23) we can still ship to: UK, Canada, Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Finland, Malaysia. I was planning it for Tokyo in April but have now changed it to Osaka/Kyoto in July due to the Olympics. ... Japan's stock markets have been on the upswing over the last few months. In terms of current travel advisories, Japan has imposed entry bans on 152 countries including the United States, Canada, all of Europe (including the United Kingdom), and most of Asia. No where will the change be more apparent than in … Kyoto’s Hidden Gem Special Night Illumination, Japan’s tourism numbers were up to a record 31.9 million visitors, 1,700 to 2,900 international visitors per month, fall foliage season in late November 2021. Japan never enacted a stringent lockdown and the state of emergency was lifted after a couple months. there … Japanese government leaders indicate that the new health safety measures for international tourists will remain in place during and after the Tokyo Summer Olympics as Japan attempts to take incremental and deliberate steps towards reviving Japan’s battered tourism industry. This is predicated upon the country’s economy being beholden to tourism and already in the midst of a worsening recession. We are looking to have this set up by the weekend! A better option would be planning for fall foliage season in late November 2021–our favorite time of year in Japan! Once these safety measures are in place, the government plans to lift Japan’s travel ban on foreign tourists on a trial basis beginning in April 2021. We do ship to most provinces by UPS which comes with excellent tracking, is fast, and very efficient. Japan Post (AIR and EMS) : We are happy to hear that most parcels that shipped in April have finally reached their destinations. On January 2, 2021, Japan’s government announced that it will consider whether to declare another state of emergency. Businesspeople and students from 10 countries including China, Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam with which Japan has a special scheme to ease travel restrictions, will not be affected by the suspension. Despite this, a gradual reopening of Japan’s borders remains in process. The last ~11 months have seen all-time record lows with only 1,700 to 2,900 international visitors per month. Please read below in case you missed previous updates on shipping... Get news of exclusive offers and promotions first! But that could all be set to change in early 2021. HUGE NEWS! Japan Post has told us: napaJapan will soon be offering UPS and that will open up shipping to most countries, including the USA and Australia. Japan has contracts with three US and European pharmaceutical companies for a total of 290 million doses of their vaccines. Your email address will not be published. Instead, Japan has urged restaurants to close earlier and residents to refrain from making nonessential outings after 8 p.m. Another state of emergency would hinder athletes’ training for the Tokyo Olympics, due to start on July 23, 2021 following an unprecedented one-year postponement. There have been no new announcements from Japan Post over the past two weeks regarding the shipping restrictions and suspensions. Tracking codes are not available and this service is for small packets up to about 5 pounds (2 kg). As a partial remedy to this, the Japanese government has attempted to revive its battered tourism industry by paying for residents to go on vacation within the country. So in other words: short-term stays may be off the cards for most of us for a while yet. Our recommendation at this point is the beginning of May 2021 at the absolute earliest. Thank you for your extreme patience during this unique time where there was a lack of aircraft due to virtually no international tourism. Prior to all of the above updates, Japan unveiled a plan to roll out countermeasures and a travel program set up for international tourists by January 2021. More countries will follow soon. Coronavirus has us frozen in place for the most part and dreaming of when we can start booking travel again. “Once a highly transmissible variant spreads, the number of infections could surpass 2,000 in a single day in Tokyo, eventually necessitating another state of emergency” over the virus, warned Atsuo Hamada, a professor at Tokyo Medical University. The Health Center will likely be established in Tokyo, which makes sense as both the capital and the host city for the Summer Olympics. Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 30, 2020), Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 23, 2020). We are located in Sapporo so it takes about 2 business days for your order to get to Tokyo via a partner carrier. Most of Japan to reopen Thursday, but not big cities. This brings us to the next update, which is that last week Japan suspended new entry into the country of nonresident foreign nationals from around the world. In order to visit Japan, foreign tourists would be  required to download the health management app, and will also need to obtain a pre-departure negative test certificate. Thanks for you patience during these unique times. We are eager to return, but also apprehensive–more on that towards the bottom of the post. We will definitely let you know when certain shipping routes are reopened. The shortage of aircraft in Tokyo is causing this massive delay. Delivery times are not certain since this change is new, but our local post office believes it will take longer than pre-Covid days. When will Japan lift its travel ban and reopen for international tourists? The shortage of aircraft in Tokyo is causing this massive delay. We estimate a 10-15 business day delivery. In fact, every single year since 2013 has been a new record for inbound tourism to Japan. Some SAL orders already in the system will be returned to sender. If you’re planning a trip to the Japan, check out our other posts about Japan for ideas on other things to do! I’m healthy as a horse, as a rule,so fingers crossed! As such, we recommend Americans, Canadians, and Europeans take a conservative approach when choosing dates for your next trip to Japan. For the last year, we’ve been closely watching the improvements in Japan, hoping for some clarity as to when the country will fully reopen and Japan will begin allowing international tourists to enter once again. The proposed health safety measures aim to cover the three steps of a tourist’s “journey” to Japan from arrival to stay to departure. More countries will follow soon. Things are getting better now and estimated delivery times are reducing every week. Airmail shipping to the USA has been reinstated by Japan Post. Report Save. However, Japan Post will still receive and deliver any mail sent from those countries to Japan. Boosting tourism was core to Prime Minister Abe’s economic revitalization, and new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has indicated intent to maintain continuity with those economic plans. (Updated January 2, 2021.). I am hopeful that July would be doable. I was planning a trip to Osaka last year, but for obvious reasons it fell through. Thanks for the update, Tom! These extreme delays cannot be helped since Japan Post has a huge back-log of parcels and they can only load so many planes per week. The plan asks for $50 billion to invest in an enormous expansion of the COVID-19 testing infrastructure. Decreased tourism plus falling exports, an increased consumption tax, reduced consumer spending, and growing national debt. I hope that this year is better for that (and that a vaccination is not necessary since I don’t trust that at all), and for that matter? On January 2, 2021, Japan’s government announced that it will consider whether to declare another state of emergency. We are seeing major delays in delivery to Canada via Japan Post/Canada Post and we appreciate your patience. Japan has also temporarily suspended visa exemptions, making it necessary to apply for a visa prior to traveling. News on International Mail and EMS are shown here. ... Oriental Land, the company that operates the Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea parks in Japan… We are hearing of some USA customers receiving goods two months after ordering. It will just take Japan’s case numbers declining, vaccines starting to be rolled out, and trepidations easing. However, this is widely viewed as a stopgap measure, and that Japan’s travel-dependent economy will struggle until border restrictions are lifted. This follows a joint appeal from the governors of Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures for the central government to declare a state of emergency due to record-breaking numbers of new infections that have strained the medical system. Is Japan’s mask culture reassuring to you? Aside from mild bumps, Japan never saw a significant spike in cases to the extent of Europe or the United States…. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the April 2021 reopening date is very much tentative, and almost every single past target date Japan has released has ended up being postponed. We are very hopeful that Japan will be open and safe. And even then I thought that might be over zealous but after reading this I’m a little more hopeful that we can go there at that time. There’s nothing to say Japan will reopen even by those dates, but it’s a safer bet than sakura season. I hope that airlines lower fares to that end, otherwise they’re going to lose more money and business than they already have. At the time, official spread was low (aside from the Diamond Princess), with some speculating that Japan had purposefully avoided testing in an effort to salvage the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We estimate a 10-15 business day delivery. By David McElhinney. You have 2 other options though!! Cruise lines around the world will be reopening this fall and winter as the cruise industry looks to start its recovery. Either way, we’ll keep watching the news and keep you posted if/when there are further developments about Japan reopening and allowing entry to travelers from the United States, Canada, Europe, and beyond! This suspension will continue for the next few weeks, through late January 2021 as a precautionary step against the new, potentially more transmissible UK variant. It would be difficult to overestimate the impact COVID-19 appears to be having on the automation sector. I used to be hold out hope for the summer using the same Olympic logic as you but the constant government dithering is not encouraging, and I’m afraid Japan’s current epidemic upsurge will nix any realistic reopening for several months.

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