However non-certified copies are available to the general public. The records of the death index for 1901-1903, 1920-1929, and 1949-2000 are currently only available in digital image format. These years of the death index supply only basic information, including the month and year of death, but not the exact day. For address and phone number information, click here. Request your official New Jersey Death Certificate by Mail from Home. Death records mark the end of someone’s life in New Jersey. 1770-ca.1979, Middlesex County: Willow Grove Cemetery Burials, Monmouth County Archives Searchable Genealogy Databases, Morris County: Presbyterian Church in Morristown Historic Graveyard Burials, Sussex County: Old Newton Burial Ground Transcript, Union County: Plainfield Public Library Courier News Obituary Index mid-1920s to the mid-1980s, Union County: Connecticut Farms Cemetery Burials, Warren County: Belvidere Apollo/Intelligencer Obituary Index 1826-1953, Where to Write for Vital Records - New Jersey, Essex County: for Newark Star-Ledger Obituaries (2/13/1996-Current) see the New Jersey Obituaries Archive above. If you want a non-certified record from 1918 - 1978, you can order a "genealogy" copy directly from the state of New Jersey, but you can only place the order by mail, and it is not expedited. The collections are open to the general public free of charge, although there are fees for photocopies and reprographic services. This method may cost somewhat more than going to the Archives or hiring someone to go to the Archives. New Jersey Vital Records requires all applicants to submit a copy of their valid, government issued photo ID. Starting in 1979, the state death index starts to provide two more pieces of information: the deceased person's age at death, from which one can then infer their approximate year of birth, and their Social Security Number, which can then be cross-referenced with the Social Security Death Master File (SSDMF), also known as the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). About Death Records in New Jersey In New Jersey, the State Bureau of Vital Statistics and Registration manages death records from 1878 to present. New Jersey is among the states with robust, extensive obituary and other genealogical resources both online and offline. New Jersey State Database A large collection of databases of births, deaths, marriages, census, obituaries, directories, estate records, and service records. Posted on March 19, 2014 by deathsearch. But if you put it on your website or transcribe it, Reclaim The Records would appreciate a reference note in your "about this database" source box, and/or a link back to our website, just to acknowledge the work and initiative that went into researching and releasing these records back to the public. offers useful information about the free death records in NJ, including state vital records. (These numbers cannot ever be legally reused once a person is deceased, so yes, it is perfectly fine to list them.). The New Jersey vital records reveal the birth and death dates of this state’s people. The following must be sent with your application: all required copies of ID for proof of identity; the correct fees The Archives owns Birth Records that are 100 years old and older, and Marriage and Death Records through December 31, 1930. New Jersey Death Records Indexes, May 1848-December 1900 from the NJ State Archives; copies of the records can be ordered for a fee New Jersey Death Index, 1901-1903 and 1916-1929 from FamilySearch/Reclaim the Records (free with registration) New Jersey Deaths (index), 1670-1988 at FamilySearch indexes selected death records; not complete but has over 600,000 entries (free with … Please enter a start age and an end ageIf you fill in a start age, you need to fill in an end age too, and vice versa. New Jersey Death Records Search. After all, our taxes already paid for it and it belongs to all of us. Thank you to the New Jersey State Archives and their executive director Joseph Klett for their help tracking down records for this project. Most of these, however, would end the moment that his or her life would end, because most contracts and relationships do not survive the death of a person. New Jersey Birth, Marriage and Death Records Online [edit | edit source]. Important - Your billing address and the address on the form of identification you submit, must match. Union County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records. The New Jersey Department of Health could not locate the death index data for these years, even under a New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request. If they can be located, microfilm copies will be acquired, then digitized, and then put online for free public use, possibly by the end of 2018. Also, the age at death will now state whether the number refers to age in years, age in months, or age in days. Death records from 1912 to the present are kept at the New Jersey State Office of Vital Statistics. This record set is only the index to New Jersey death records. They usually refer to data extracted from death indexes and death certificates, therefore they include personal details about the deceased (Name, Time of Death, Cause of Death, Place of Death). A few death records were kept in New Jersey as early as 1675, but they were very incomplete. Death records are legal documents that give vital information about the death of an individual. These records were obtained from the New Jersey State Archives, in Trenton, New Jersey. Stay up to date with the latest news by signing up for our mailing list. Note that half of the 1920-1924 index is missing, as the New Jersey Department of Health could not locate their own copy of the information. Enter the year of the event 5. New Jersey Death Index, 1904-2017 Why should these records be available if you're onsite at the state archives, but not available on the Internet? New Jersey Death Records. The collection consists of an index to selected death records in New Jersey for the years 1670 to 1988. Thank you to the Internet Archive for providing free web hosting for the more than 500,000 images of the death index. The New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics is the government agency in charge of death records. Decedent first name. New Jersey Birth, Marriage, and Death Records were collected by the state starting in May 1848. However, you can get older records by visiting the State Archives (1901-1940) on microfilm. The red tape involved in retrieving some states’ vital records is a mire of restrictions, but you don’t have to go through a state-based search to obtain some of these records. Union County, NJ Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records. Another way to obtain death records in New York is online through public databases. All records online. + New Jersey State Records | … Current Holdings of State Vital Records owned by the Archives (changes every January): Births: May 1848-December 1920. Do you know the exact date when the death occurred? If so, please help us bring even more public data back to the public. However non-certified copies are available to the general public. Leave Reply - See responses below: Cancel reply. Sorry, no results found for this search query. Find a Health Care Facility. You will be able to find the death documentation that you are looking for. Obituaries, cemetery records, wills, death certificates, these are some of the documents that you can use in your own genealogical research. The death index for the 1920's is unusual in that the records are grouped in five-year periods, 1920-1924 and 1925-1929. When faxing your identification, please enlarge and lighten to ensure your fax is legible. A death certificate is necessary to schedule a funeral service or to have remains cremated. You will be presented with an Authorization Form at the end of your order that includes specific instructions. All records online. What’s in the Index. The New Jersey Department of Health could not locate the death index data for these years, even under a New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request. About Death Records in New York Death records are managed by the Vital Records Section of New York Department of Health for most of the state from 1881 to present. To order birth, marriage and death records May 1848-December 1920, see our Searchable Databases and Records Request Forms page. New Jersey Obituary Records. Ordering your death certificate online is the easiest way to order death records. New Jersey Death Records. If you find a name of a relative or other person of interest in this index, you can then place an order for a copy of the original death certificate, which will have much more information on it, such as the person's place of birth, the names of the person's parents and spouse, and their burial location. Looking for information on somebody who died in New Jersey? close. Visit the New Jersey Department of Health website 2. The images for these years are now being sought from the reference microfilm copies at the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton. 1. This database only covers 2001-2017If you're looking for information from earlier years, you can browse through the scanned images. Requests for certificates of these records should be submitted by mail, along with a fee, using the New Jersey State Archives' downloadable request form . These can include Ocean County death certificates, local and New Jersey State death registries, and the National Death Index. Tag Archives: New Jersey Death Records. These can include Hudson County death certificates, local and New Jersey State death registries, and the National Death Index. This record set is only the index to New Jersey death records. You can request copies of New Jersey death records and New Jersey Genealogical Records online. The following is a list of online resources useful for locating New Jersey Vital Records which consist of births, adoptions, marriages, divorces, and deaths.Check New Jersey Vital Records Online for more information about the resources listed below. Please enter the information of the individual who needs the death certificate. This information was obtained through a successful New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request filed by the non-profit organization Reclaim The Records against the New Jersey Department of Health in the summer of 2018. New Jersey Marriage Records are not categorized as public information. Death Records in New Jersey, as with all other Vital Records, are not open to all members of the public. In 1848 New Jersey became the second state (after Massachusetts) to require statewide registration, but the early registration was not complete. Thank you to our awesome OPRA attorney CJ Griffin of the law firm Pashman Stein Walder Hayden for helping us win the first-ever public access to these public records. Doing specific searches for certifications of death in NJ often just takes a few clicks of the mouse at our site.; Services; Agencies; FAQs; Translate . The Office of Vital Statistics and Registry registers vital events and maintains the following vital records: Birth, marriage and death records starting at 1919; Domestic partnership records starting at 2004; Civil union records starting at 2007; Adoptions – foreign and domestic; Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth data starting at 1969; Vital records are also available from Local Vital Records Offices in … Some records do not yet have exact death dates, details about age of death, sex, marital status or race. These records can only be accessed by eligible persons, under the provision of the law. Records from 1848 to the present are also kept by the Local Registrars for individual counties; however, many pre-1910 records have not survived. To find out more about how you can obtain death records in New York, call Vital Records Division of the New York State Department of Health at 855-322-1022. New Jersey has the oldest collection of continuous birth and death records, dating from May 1848. Microfilm copies of these records are available at the Family History Library and Family History Centers. We're Reclaim The Records, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2015, made up of genealogists, historians, researchers, journalists, and teachers. Thank you to the New Jersey Department of Health for fulfilling our OPRA request quickly, and not making us have to file a lawsuit against them. Birth and death records are accessible to the public, so the New Jersey vital records are available to you. However, they do have reference microfilms of the actual death certificates for these years. Only the top matches from within the first 250 search results will be displayed. Certifications of death records do not contain the Social Security Number or the Cause of Death medical terminology. New Jersey is among the states with robust, extensive obituary and other genealogical resources both online and offline. Vital Statistic & Public Records. Use this locality code master key (used by the state between 1949-1984) to translate that code into a named location. Marriages: May 1848-December 1930. Please try a different search, perhaps one with fewer parameters. FamilySearch - New Jersey Deaths and Burials, 1720-1988 FREE. He had been hospitalized at Hackensack University Medical Center in suburban New York. The Union County Clerk's Office, in New Jersey, handles information for 21 municipalities. NEWJERSEY.STATERECORDS.ORG IS A PRIVATELY OWNED WEBSITE THAT IS NOT OWNED OR OPERATED BY ANY STATE GOVERNMENT AGENCY. Please note that express couriers will not ship to a P.O. And if they don't follow the law, we file lawsuits to make them turn over the records. Madhuben Patel Oct 17, 1938 - Oct 29, 2020 Jersey City, New Jersey | Age 82 The Crabiel Home for Funerals Gerry E. Goodrich Feb 9, 1945 - Oct 26, 2020 New York, New York | Age 75 From this point on, the first four letters of the county and the first five letters of the town or city are explicitly spelled out. Death, birth, and marriage certificates and divorce decrees can also be obtained through the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. New Jersey Birth & Death Vital Records State Bird: American Goldfinch State Flower: Violet State Name Language of Origin: French State Name Meaning: Named after Jersey, the largest of the British Channel Islands Admission to Union: December 18, 1787 Source: Wikipedia New Jersey has the oldest collection of continuous birth and death records, dating from May 1848. One of the most heart-wrenching moments that could happen in a person’s life is the death of a loved one. The information provided by these early years of the death index is very basic. If you want a certified record from 1918 to the present, you will need to order online directly from the state of New Jersey and you will have to provide proof of both your identity and your relationship to the deceased. Death records in New Jersey have been recorded in some counties since 1878. We use Freedom of Information requests to acquire and publish archival data sets, public records that have never before been available, or not available online. For all information regarding death records from 1848- 1918, access new Jersey's official website at New Jersey Department of State. In order to request a copy of a record for a death that occurred less than 40 years ago, you must provide proof of relationship. No. Unfortunately, the New Jersey State Archives staff are not allowed to provide this record copy to you, so you cannot order it from them by mail or phone, but you or someone else who is actually in the building can print it. Hudson County Death Records are documents relating to an individual's death in Hudson County, New Jersey. The New Jersey Department of Health works to ensure that citizens receive appropriate levels of care in every regulated facility. New Jersey Death Records. These records were obtained from the New Jersey State Archives, in Trenton, New Jersey. Official Site of The State of New Jersey. Year of death. Certified copies of these records are only available to the registrant or family members, and proof of relationship is required. Data is currently being verified and edited from the original record books. New Jersey Death Index Reclaim The Records. Need a death certificate? State registration of deaths began in 1848 with complete records by 1920. Please note that express couriers will not ship to a P.O. This PDF file contains scanned images of the index to deaths that occurred in the state of New Jersey. This set contains 1,122,330 records. Death records are public records that reside in the state where the person died. Image Visibility [edit | edit source] Whenever possible FamilySearch makes images and indexes available for all users. New Jersey Birth, Marriage, Divorce as well as Death records, known as vital records, produce specifics about crucial events in your ancestors life.Vital records, usually held by a civic authority, gives you a far more comprehensive picture of your respective ancestor, help you differentiate between two people using the identical name, and enable you to find links to a completely new generation. It includes 628,584 records. Place of death and place of residence are still provided as numeric locality codes, so you'll still need to reference the state's locality key for 1949-1984. Death information of the person on record . The New Jersey State Archives also holds microfilm copies of: birth records 1848-1916; marriage records 1848-1914; and death records 1848-1916. Union County If you are applying for someone else (i.e. And finally, within each of those years inside each of those localities, the records are then listed alphabetically by surname. For copies of records from May 1848 - December 1917, you can order online directly from the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton. New Jersey has maintained that vital records are not public, so you can’t search for them online, but you can search by mail. Personal check or money order should be made payable to New Jersey General Treasury. Copies of recent death certificates can be obtained from the New Jersey State Department of Health. If both parties are not residents of New Jersey, the license must be obtained from the Registrar of the municipality where the ceremony is to be performed and is only good for use in that municipality.