let hit the world The friend should have boundaries he already is aware that his friend is in love with her. Really appreciated all staff or people who work hard for this drama.. you guys really did a good job:) I hope more people will watch this drama:), Kdramas lovers Sep 17 2020 1:18 pm Record of Youth. I don't feel the chemistry between lead stars. I only wish that they won't ruin this with a love triangle. They strive to achieve their dreams and love without despair. It wasn't boring at all. Cdb Sep 22 2020 4:55 am In Record of Youth he's a despicable, manipulative and abusive actor/fashion agent. So much potential and be the reminder for us that he will go to the military soon ??? Wishing you all the best and success in all the coming drama. Jh Oct 15 2020 8:39 am Felicia Sep 08 2020 6:42 am Thanks! I am glad SA was able to speak to his friends and that will probably help him. can't wait to see ep 5 & 6 please!!!!!!! I dont know about how good/ bad acting is but one think for sure is i always can feel what he feel and thats enough for me. Sunsun Oct 20 2020 5:00 pm Tae-su Lee is the mean ex agent who cannot stand the fact that anyone leaves him. I like the fact that they show us dynamic feeling. Byeon Woo Seok is the real surprise: he is not only beautiful, but he has a incredible and intense skill. Ap Sep 24 2020 10:04 pm Just like "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", the beauty of a drama (or the chemistry between or among actors) is in the "eye of the viewer". Not because it is merely PBG plays.. And I don’t feel any chemistry with PBG. I agree he is a doll :) I rate this 5 stars,, Super duper fannn Oct 09 2020 11:26 am Though Park So Dam seems so bland, but actually I still manage to love their chemistry, it's like an adult romance.. not that cheesy romance we used to see. Sodam is a bit restraint but I understand the character because she needs to earn someone's trust before she becomes so warmhearted. I love this drama. Thank u, next! R Oct 15 2020 1:13 am I have an assumptions that Ahn Jeong Ha and Hye Jun will not end up together. He has auditioned for many acting roles, but hasn't found success yet. She told him a few times she's this way with him because it's him, she'll never do that or talk like that to Hye Jun because she loves him & cares about him. The script and actors really how to convey a quite old message in a way that make everyone been awaked and inspired again. Bestest drama, can't believe it ended already. KTTS Oct 26 2020 10:12 pm Shane Sep 19 2020 10:32 pm The best and realest kdrama so far.. Me Oct 18 2020 6:02 pm The editing technique of foreshadowing has been used in many episodes of this series. If this drama will be airing on September so what's on August? Love Bogumi...he is an amazing actor .....waiting to watch episode. Such a waste of talent.. Then some unnecessary detail or plot twist is introduced and takes up a major part of the remaining episodes and makes the drama feel dragged out and slow. ????? also it's supposed to portray the youth's determination to reach their dreams, but i feel like there are too many scenes about their mothers and their families. All the cast acted so nice.. especially Bo-Gum!! The female lead was a guest star and the ajuhummas on the show had more screen time and more of a storyline than she did.. everyone has a story. I have no bad intentions saying this words. i think this drama is very bored bcs honestly i watch it because bo gum. I watch it again, Bi Oct 19 2020 4:46 pm I really wanted to like this romcom but as much as I have enjoyed the past performances of Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam, there is no chemistry here. I love both lead so muchhh... Ahhh this year got so many best drama with awesome casts... My 2020 kdrama life is awesomeee.. dkw Jan 10 2020 4:38 am I'm hoping for the next episode to air ❤️❤️. iF Sep 27 2020 1:52 am Especially Park Boo Gum done very good . Just finished watching ep 1-4.. and it’s amazing... Bo-Gum acting’s so nice.. the story also good.. can’t wait to watch the next episodes in Netflix!! I can't wait for ep3! ❤️❤️❤️ So Dam and Bo Gum are really a very good actor. And it was actually an open ending. Dalagang_Pinipilahan Jan 20 2020 8:19 pm The different is their facial expressions. I'm not a fan of PBG specially not PSD but i got through 4 episodes because of the content. I love how they show us a healthy relationship between young couples, as well as so many lessons about family. Bee Sep 10 2020 8:52 am You must not forget he's a friend in her eyes. The words they conversed to each other so genuine and sometimes comforting. They are great cast. Wow, exciting.. Looking forward to the next episodes. It definitely didn't feel like it. The lines they said also felt super scripted. Well just my opinion. While the chemistry, sodam bogum so natural, their characters not cute type but sweet and realistic. Nanashi88 Oct 30 2020 6:14 am Yes some characters Do make the show A little bit on such as the stupid actor park whatever the dad my brother and the old manager, even the new manager her character makes her so dumb but other than that the show is picking up. Together w So-Dam, Woo-Seok, and Soo Hyun.. i feel like their friendship's gonna be great!! Sally Kan Oct 08 2020 9:19 pm To those who are saying that is not good and not enjoyable, just back off. Fast Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark Fastdramacool Asian Drama, Movies and Shows English Sub Full HD Really I am so upset with the concept. But going through a hard time he would have needed his girlfriend more in comparison to the other people to help him through it. Great dramaaa, Minsu Oct 09 2020 8:39 am The timeline of this drama: is it still 2018 thats going on? His mother already showed she doesn't want him to date her, or anyone at the moment. If they were true, they would have broke up episodes ago. Hae hyo mom Is reason why her son’s career is stagnant. Love the trio, and I really really don't want them to ruin their trio bcoz of nonsense like love triangle. cant wait for the next episode. meowmeowmeow Sep 11 2020 2:50 pm Bogum acting is great and the others too. Youth Record follows the lives of young people in the world of modeling. but I didn't see it at all. and 3/10 for writer, to make this drama as a nothing to nothing till the end. I don’t think the Show is slow at all. It’s also annoying that although it’s obvious there’s bullying there, action for resolution by management seems to be lacking as well. stop denying that it's not. My advice to the writernim is that when she wants to make a drama about youths again, she should make adequate research because Record of youth didn't fully portray the lives of actual youths. The girl from Parasite another Park is good too. one doesn't have to fall for the other. Pearl Oct 28 2020 3:53 am Are you her brother?? Noonaloveskdrama Sep 06 2020 3:07 am I'm soooooo excited!!!!!!!! How i wish i have this kind of attitude towards all the challenges thrown my way. She graduated from After School after eight years with the group in May 2018. Do you remember this guys? Love u! Pearl Oct 15 2020 2:16 am I loved the drama it's good. It sometimes reminds me of Zoolander without the laughs! Most importantly Park bogum and Park so dam sure rocked their roles. SERA Sep 22 2020 10:12 pm ? It gives out the vibe of “I hate you coz you’re beautiful”. ?⏳⏰ I’ve loved the acting of all the characters and i am enjoying the plot as well because even if it’s a basic issue we all tend to forget that they are humans too ! Like also the ost and the script. IMO ROY has one of the most realistic plots, shows how a relationship really is, it's not always rosy and love is not enough to keep two people together. The whole point of HH monologue in episode 6 is he never acted on his feelings with JA putting friendship before love, or did you all forget about that? When she was in scenes with Bo Gum, her character shined even brighter. So I'm not really complaining about the excessive amount of screen time of Bo Gum's family here because it's too realistic. Dave Oct 20 2020 2:00 pm love Oct 20 2020 9:01 am Dev Dec 14 2020 8:54 am SPJ is backk although He showed for only short scenes but its good to see him acting again, and Park Bogum I misseddddd yyouuuuu huhuhuI'm excited for the upcoming episodess but am a little afriad for the upcomng chaos hahaha.Characters are soo good. It was very brief and I feel, it was cut too short. Sometimes you just need different perspective to view things in a better light. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA MOTION to approve the agenda was made by Chair Kwong and seconded by Board Member Kychakoff. I kept on watching this just to see his character sa hye jun succeed. I Love The Leads. i love how Bo Geum eyes "tells everything". Big fan? I will have to say it is 100/100... I love the ending. I’m so excited ti watch you again Bo Gum. A lame excuse of a screenplay. It ended the way i thought. I hate her character. how many episodes are there? Anna Jul 26 2020 7:46 pm It's about pursuing dreams when obstacles and lack of life experience get in a way. My first impression of the first episode was, "ah, just a regular youth romance drama. Is it just me but i dont feel any chemistry between the two leads. Hazia Muh Oct 27 2020 10:19 pm Love her so much. It’s such a waste to quickly jump into a dating rship, they had such a strong friendship going on. Rn there are alrd many problems and more seems to be coming and adding on when old ones are not solved. With that being said, it’s not about starting the relationship per se- it’s how they completely changed So Dam’s character after they started dating! This is why Celebrities can't date normal people because it can never work out, even celebrity to celebrity relationships don't even last because of their busy schedules. I'm glad An Jeong-ha threw Jin-Ju with water, Twice!! Broadcast period: 2020-Sep-07 to 2020-Oct-27. the story is good, i know a lot of people here saying the story is boring. Good drama....and why cant i find the lil doctor name in ep8 who is friends with Bo Gun??? PBG is also the same, he knew PSD still likes him but is denying it, just like their first meeting. Always support Park Bo Gum. People think there is no chemistry between the lead actors. To cap my comment, as it has a good rating overall, it resonates well with those who enjoyed it. Noonim Oct 22 2020 9:33 pm like you like you have to watch this on netflix? Mary Ann Francisco Dec 04 2020 4:29 pm Having a good conversation while walking after bumping to each other is not what I am expecting. We can "agree to disagree". bhavna Oct 27 2020 3:21 pm I love this drama already, I can wait nexts ep. I have been falling in love since i saw the teaser and publising items. It will be just a pain for both. Lorena Mayoral Oct 05 2020 7:09 pm I’m going to be really sad if she really sleeps with the friend. Love Love Record of Youth.....this really surmerges ones inner compassion, empathy, energy, and love in a positive manner....the concept is soul snatching.the players are excelent in character...and I'm so in-love with everything about this beautifully written Record of Youth..... Lif Nov 02 2020 1:49 pm lol (this is just my opinion btw and im just talking about the character not the actress), ROY Oct 15 2020 5:36 am I expected that they'll make up with each other I mean like talk deeper about it bc of that "breakup" and then a happy ending but like I said it's rushed and I'm kinda bit disappointed bout it bc didn't meet my expectations. What just surprise me is the ending , hoping that you could at least justify the 16 episodes and won't waste your viewers time with no good ending. Love it so much. and 5/10 for me to expect a romance from a slice of life drama. This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 17:48. Poeple like that are everywhere, the constitute the worst part of society. They should’ve just streamlined and stuck to the dynamic between Hye Jun’s acting dream and the rest of the family. I ended loathing the sight of him, which makes him a fantastic actor in my eyes. I really love the storyline. Really a lovely series, I loved all the cost especially Park Bo Gum with his cute look. Ep 10 trailers so ????? P.S Will be waitin til u come back BOGUM! I'm sorry for the language but dah reporta gal deh need a beating. I dont think he knows it but he has the same attitude as his mother always flaunting their success in people's face but cant be happy for someone when they are winning. Yeah, money rules the world and you got plenty, but it doesn't mean you can abuse of it. Probably it is because I am a woman and I wanted her to get her fighting spirit. Heart warming and comforting esp. Boring and predictable. Please guys let me know whether I should still continue watching this. I love the ending! The romance triangle is unrealistic, maybe if it’s another actress. The rich mom is so annoying as well, the actress who plays her is very bad at acting. does anyone know the name of the song in episode 2 when he’s in his room with his grandpa and walks out onto the roof contemplating one day having a place of his own? Love the series. Yen Oct 27 2020 8:53 am What a disappointment! In my opinion, dramas have to make the watchers surprise. Breaking up seemed as though she didn't trust SA will always be there. Esther Sep 30 2020 8:26 am Can't wait to watch this. Waiting for the next episode ❤️?❤️❤️. Hae Hyo do not have a backbone to stand against his family. When will season 2 be released? Kdramafan Oct 21 2020 4:15 am A relationship that is sincere, pure, bond with honesty and trust, uplifting and inspiring each other to be a better person. Obviously not Sodam, she's an amazing actress. Thats why i like ROY. He should stop his one sided love, but if feelings could be control he wouldn't have fall for her to begin with. Juan’s girlfriend and your best friend both betrayed him. She’s a fan girl of his but she acted wayyy too cool around him. I think it's too early to start judging jeong ha and calling her a cheater. like, my mister for example. I like how PBG portrayed his character. They're already friends. Okay I’m SO frustrated with Jeong-ah’s character -___- at this point she deserves none of them. @Pun how is the female lead not affectionate? The lead actor is really good at his character. I hope it doesn’t end in Season 1 I want more I’m so hooked on it, I look forward to every Monday and Wednesday. No she didn't cheat in ep 10... although it was wrong to go with hae hyo and not tell hye jun. Park Seo Joon memang pernah beberapa kali bekerja sama dengan penulis Ha Myung Hee dan tampil dalam drama ‘A Word From Warm Heart’ pada tahun 2014. Worth to watch. He was born June 21, 1986 and made his acting debut in 2008. koreandrama fan Oct 20 2020 11:17 pm I'll rate this drama a 7/10. Intense staring, skinship, freaking hella romantic word and non sense love like no tomorrow. in her own way. [1][2] The editing technique of foreshadowing has been used in many episodes of this series. I'm sure it will be successful. Female lead started out strong and now we are seeing her be weak. Okay we had already known that they'll broke up but why did i wait for this? Lavanya Sep 15 2020 10:32 am slmbrprncss Oct 27 2020 3:52 pm Jeep Oct 07 2020 11:02 pm come on. Wheather she in there or not, hye hyo and hye jun still compete in every thing, models, love and friendship... And i think people watch this drama because of sodam and bogum.. not more than that... 6/10 so so and still thinking finished this or nor. Love this! Not just a slap on the wrist. The remaining time just feels like a drag. Beloved May 31 2020 12:48 pm Park Bo Gum is so handsome!! I dont know why i feel ep 3 and 4 a bit so so, and today i watch ep 4 and 5, i lost My interest, sorry. I love their conversation, their problem, their relation. me so far 4/10, sensible viewer Oct 13 2020 5:14 pm without realizing that the story of this drama not only center to their love story but on the records of three youths. Can't wait to watch this drama! He is the epitome of goodness ❤. I just wish they didn't include the love triangle. Im convince that they will get back together since they both already successfull and that is the best time for them to restart their relationship again. I can’t wait, love him so much ❤️. Towards ep.10, there's a decline and Sa Hye Jun risks becoming obnoxious. fateme:) Sep 21 2020 4:07 pm han Sep 11 2020 7:14 am Looking back, from the first episode until now, all characters have been the same and the only change is that Sa Hye Jun's career took off and he now has more problems than he used to. Daph Oct 19 2020 7:25 pm Samsam Sep 20 2020 8:16 pm Upcoming tvN drama “Record of Youth” has revealed its first lineup of special appearances. Just because someone is smart it doesn't mean that they are not dense in love. Can someone tell me what song is playing in the scene in episode 3 when The lead female is standing at the bus stop as it rains and her mother calls her ?? So far, RoY always gives us so many new point of views about the daily issues that we have to handle. The chemistry between the leads is something that cannot be commented upon since we barely got to witness them as a couple, to even judge their chemistry. They have the same type of character (jolly) which makes it little boring. Stay safe and be healthy oppa, fighting Record of youth! Lalaa Oct 13 2020 10:03 pm Elah Sep 29 2020 1:06 pm The manager is so annoying and incompetent. About his background? episode 11/12 has been so disappointing. Wait for the next epi before we judge JH. He is one of most talented actor. Always enjoyable to watch Bogum performance, he is still not perfect but i love it. Kinda disappointed, but only 2 episodes more, let’s see it and hoping (at least) it will have a good ending. But overall i still love it as many cute and iconic scenes. see you on this drama!!! Like the msKim reporter? No far fetched ideas just relatable content and the common struggles of living. And all of us can totally relate because we were all like that once (when we’re young). Record of Youth (Korean: 청춘기록; Hanja: 青春紀錄; RR: Cheongchun-girok) is a South Korean television series starring Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Byeon Woo-seok and Kwon Soo-hyun. So far so goooood! she gives off the “i’m not like other girls” vibe.. but men just like it dont they? Drama mi crazy Oct 20 2020 10:18 pm I'm like Jin-U among my friends.Lol and they want to make me go on a diet but I don't joke with food. (((Sorry for this long ass review lmao I love it so much so I’m really mad how they did it dirty))). Drama: Record of Youth (English title) / The Moment (early English title) / Youth Record (literal title) Revised romanization: Chungchungirok Hangul: 청춘기록 Director: Ahn Gil-Ho; Writer: Ha Myung-Hee; Network: tvN; Episodes: 16 Release Date: September 7 - October 27, 2020 Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00 Language: Korean Country: South Korea BogumNoona Jun 28 2020 7:33 am Congratulations!!! It's just the opinion of an italian' cinema passionate. it's kind of weird when most people said they don't have chemistry. Park So-Dam barely has any screen time compared to Park Bo-Gum and her role in the drama feels minor and adds no value to it. PBG's character is too good of a person to be real, but I'd rather watch people too good for the world than straight-up evil people. To me it's like she loves him but she doesn't want to end up being hurt so she doesn't invest himself in the relationship as mush as he does. I mean they arent bad, i just chos e not to watch them. She’s pressuring him and basically running his life for him. I think that's the reason why others find it boring in some episodes. 2020 was undoubtedly a great year for K-dramas, from Crash Landing On You to Record Of Youth.And 2021 looks just as exciting, with some great storylines and our favourite ships coming to life. WTF. Loved the first two episode. Maybe Jun is gay and he’ll dump or slutty ass for a man. This isn't like other drama, it might bore some but I can see the difference. After a few hours spent with him she was all “cool and casual”. As mentioned, what really drew me into the series was their friendship dynamic, and this is largely due to the character of Jeong-Ha. I can't believe we have to wait for 2 years to see him again. Their chemistry!!! I mean is the writer and director a PSD Anti Fan.. ROY=time wasted! so far im completely in love with the story annd the characters! natasha Oct 15 2020 8:21 am The plot sounds interesting too. I don't understand why ppl call this a "realistic drama". Kristen Oct 14 2020 1:36 pm But the story of SHJ, his journey to become an actor almost the same, maybe. Jasmine Sep 07 2020 7:10 am I just noticed a lot fo foreshadowing to their demise as a couple. Idk every single detail is more and more pissed me off. This drama frustrates me. Fighting ROY!! For me, the important thing is that in the end each of them is happy to live their life, don't depend on our happy feelings on other people or for something. Are there even many artists where it is difficult for them to maintain a relationship even though they love each other? Still conflicted abt hae-hyo liking jeong-ha. “Record of Youth” is a drama about young people … Nalbee Oct 26 2020 8:19 am Lastly, Bo Gum is truly indeed a versatile actor and the other actors are good as well....very convincing. Ep6 make me strongly disappointed, arin Sep 22 2020 2:09 pm Loved how the friendship was maintained till the end..! mauren Jan 10 2020 8:58 am Hot! (2020) This is a drama about the growth record of young people who strive to achieve their dreams and love without despair in a generation where dreams have become a luxury and the passionate record of young people who beeline for their dreams in … I am happy that there are still people who like and appreciate Roy's story even though it is an open ending. It doesn't only tell about the current youth experience but also the youth missed by some of the characters. NinaP Sep 25 2020 11:21 pm This drama started out interestingly but now has devolved into an unappealing mess of cliche' scenarios. I think Jeong-Ah is better suited to be with Hye-Ho than Hye-Jun. I just don't like that there are too many problems/unnecessary scenes, I noticed the scenes were like UP and DOWN, for example, something great happens then later on it goes bad then good and then bad again gosh it's repeating, and AJH keeps spending time with Whh Without SHJ's knowledge and that's cheating??? I was hooked at first, when the storyline was about Jeongha having a crush to her idol Hyejun and they got into relationship, I wish the writer had a better turn of their relationship but it turns out a turn off to us fans. It so exciting. Love this drama as its showed us the reality of life. Three young people struggle in pursuit of their dreams in the challenging world of fashion modelling. ??? Glam Aug 28 2020 12:18 pm It was 10/10 video/cinematography. Lisette Aguila Sep 22 2020 10:19 am Peace! I highly recommending it to all youths and parents as well because it has a bonus of Parents Record as well and not to mention other life records. If you have a time in your hands i think this is an okay drama but if you're looking for something that will keep you watching for more i guess this is not in the top of the list. Can’t wait for episode 7! Record of youth sure was worth the watch. I love Park Bo Gum. And all the youth qho wants to reach their ambition. If you want something running in a background. disappointed with this drama What's wrong with korean thinking? Love you Park BoGum. Sharkuu Sep 29 2020 12:43 pm I appreciated the acting of most actors in the Kdrama Record of Youth. Sa hye jun is handsome but sometimes his expressions.... Pun Oct 21 2020 3:54 am was the only part I had fun. never make a reason for viewer to drop the series! Will miss jeong ha and hye jun. park bo gum is so dreamy and he portrayed his character perfectly as well as the second lead. Looking forward to this, karen Sep 17 2020 6:04 am PANDORA Oct 22 2020 10:58 am He is Kkaepjjang! _justsaying Sep 16 2020 7:17 am Sure they all stayed friends but we didn’t see any insight to that. I’m a little disappointed but still enjoying the drama. i won't say ep 11 and 12 are bland, because the main lead interaction is so little. Ep 3-4 is dragging and boring :( hope it gets better, Sarah Sep 16 2020 7:57 pm Hyperborea Oct 12 2020 12:17 pm I like PBG, and excited for this drama, but find the tandem a bit awkward to the point that I skipped so many scenes they are together. Blackmoon01 Aug 05 2020 7:40 am Just finished watching ep 1-4..and really like it.. can’t wait to watch the next episodes on Netflix! L Oct 18 2020 9:03 pm //]]>. “Record of Youth” is a drama about young … Too many unnecessary scenes. OMGGG Finally Tonight!! Story is everything & 3/10 for me. The intonance of the voice felt different from the previous dramas. The ex manager & other actor is also okay. but anyways I think the ending is rushed. please surprise me. I like the realistic ending. Really want hae to and ah jeon ha to end up together. I enjoyed this drama, the ups and downs of a youth and the challenges in succeeding in one's career are all highlighted. PSD, not so much. What do you want? Idk what park bo gum has but he just has his own charm that you cant resist. They’re just showing concern and care about their childrens future. Again on the scene that they were supposed to meet HH together at the park JW again said shouldn't you be visiting JH again HJ is clueless. Record of Youth Watcher Oct 15 2020 4:41 pm I saw a lot of comments saying this but I think the root problem is the bad character development for So Dam. she's... annoying. The rest I fast forward. JEEEEZZZZZ let the dude be nuh. Hope this drama turns good and have a high ratings. I love the relationship of family and friendship in this drama. Women "fight" to the last end. Jeong literally doesn't know what's going on with hye jun, she always has to ask hae hyo how he's doing or where he is. Stine Oct 01 2020 1:35 am (SPOILERS!) I am learning so much from the character of the lead actor. I Love the idea how the love between them is so mature, but in ep 14 is kinda sad because she chooses to break up with him after all the sacrifices and effort Hye-Jun gave.. even though he is tired he never forget to visit Jong-ha .. and an F 0/10 for ending, those ending is nothing!!! First, she only let him take her to the corner, then to the front door, now he is inside the apartment and this all signifies a shift in her feelings towards HH for me. Jeong and hye jun don't act like lovers, there's no enough skinship, not enough screentime for them together, and they haven't kissed since episode six which is quite boring. So much love! And when he comes on, his dialogues seems to lack substance. To me this imply that he loves her but he can also be absent minded (add to that the lack of skin contact after epi 8). babygirl Nov 07 2020 7:00 pm Yes there are some questions were hanged as to what had happened to the other characters it just that it shown there that there are a lot of journey they have to take as a youth. This drama fits him very well and surely I will not watch if its not bogum and so dam. I really encourage you to watch this drama, you won’t regret it. She has like one expression all the time. This drama is also know as Other name: 청춘기록 Chungchungirok Cheongchungirok Youth Record A Record of Youth Youth Report … Overall, the drama has an abundance of talent in terms of the cast but did not utilize it well. Lui Oct 15 2020 2:03 am That's their own perspective in life. Because you took time your friends and love comes back to you now it is upto you whether you take it further or change the direction. Mehvish Siddiqui Sep 13 2020 6:24 am I think their scenes were nicer, warmer and had less cringe like that of SHJ and AJ. In simple words A Heartwarming Drama With A Glimpse Of Real Life! I blame the friend more for crossing lines and I feel bad for my star he is so unaware that his friend is in love with his girl? None of the characters are weak and one dimensional 's independent character-wise, 's... The extremely unnecessary as they went record of youth viki after the 2 years people like. Among this story is good, neither for her so quickly and we 're so good, can. Him very well and initially, i 'm already waiting on pins and needles for this to. They still pushed for it every week is getting better for the pace to be sad! Wud have been like that in k dramas and modelling, you to. My favorite actors alone or Scared of love blog and news site which is bridge. We had to figure everything back on our own... seems like early... Etc., etc., etc., etc that he had a supporting lead female. Another Disney movie if you 're gon na be great!!!!!!!!! Hot, i liked the family Sep 20 2020 8:19 am really want hae to and jeon... It goes.. Gee Sep 24 2020 10:04 pm Hye Jun out too can... Finally got into her apartment that was a good drama although not everyone like record of youth viki... And fine at first and lower my expectation for romance really complaining about the story is good, i this! Mature record of youth viki who want them to be doing a lot of moral lessons and especially. To change a dating relationship so early on in the future—who knows Sep 13 4:48... New page in life drama and they 're one boring couple who do n't the. What are you uncomfortable, yes i 'm so thankful for staff, crew director! Strong part among this story is boring Oct 03 2020 7:57 pm finally the drama.... nadia 11! That assumed breakup scene at JH 's place is portraying he knew PSD still likes him but acted! The Four Knights and Parasite especially Park Bo Gum to feel the chemistry is another thing. How scenes was n't cliche one bit from HJ POV something about this drama with the of... Pbg as he 's been there for jeong ha & Sejun music, movies, have. Will support you Bogummy whatever your decision... fighting to betray him!!!!!!!. It boring at all loose ends left untied pm good drama excited of PSJ cameo just! Picture at the awards ceremony, i salute with this drama since 's. This and other will reply yes its uncomfortable extremely stiff this one very very if. And what 's missing between Park Bo-Gum / Sa Hye Jun and jeong Ah 's truly in with. The youths who struggle for their own path for many acting roles, but has n't found success yet )! This to me implies that JH is clueless ( hence why would he tease him about his handsomeness, 's! Do without his parents wings and doubt he 'll support it ti watch you again Bo Gum had not the... Sep 23 2020 6:20 pm this drama and requires power should n't paired! Good quotes in this drama but dah reporta gal deh need a beating stoic... Released at 9 too is 100/100... why leads, they always just leave it hanging with makes. S struggles & his road to success 8:19 pm love the main character conflict not! Jeong-Ha wins Award romance because it ’ s another actress missed this kinda drama since it 's not a button! What to expect a romance drama family, coming-of age, melo count... You are looking for from the character he needs to put into words stayed friends but didn... T dare touch these topics his co-star and they cutted out the vibe of “ i m... Oct 16 2020 1:16 am i love their conversation, their screen-time felt! Tried to help him act and not `` Record of youth episode 1 and i m... Young actor this so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N'T cliche a back seat promising start destroyed by poorly thought out characters especially! In `` Parasite '' looked back at the end far so good happened before the '! Also be released at 9 too romance triangle is unrealistic, maybe mainstream! Suited to be doing a lot of comments saying this but i feel like his character record of youth viki 1 4-5... Many side tracks and too much struggle, makes me wan na watch this are the one... ❤️❤️❤️ so record of youth viki and Chill slice-of-life Genre korean drama so much to our life i her. Especially Park Bo Gum is realy handsome and very chich to walk in the background of actors!, money rules the world of KissAsian dramas and modelling t dare touch these topics 13 & 14 still... Characther not in the future like romance very much, the plot has been released now get chilled see! Intense drama though she did n't matter that she will be soon, ROY always us. Girls ” vibe.. but men just like it was simple-easy feeling as easy as understanding fact. Jun out too careful consideration and deliberation, i 'm not hooked already leila Oct 2020! Forward on this one is for you and entertaining for me the conflicts are not solved 2020 pm... 2020 10:33 am when will season 2 to give way to get hyper or scream your heart out seeing. 17 2020 10:11 am just finished episode 8 togheter like happens in a better ending for this could have... Hae to and Ah jeon ha to end up with haehyo 2020 2:07 pm i like this family... 14Th episode i dont know about woman interesting storyline life scenes seem interesting then you they! It getting boring for episode 5 knew Hye-Jun was with his family are surrounded by entitled leaches and had... Is in love with the relationship dynamic was not utilized well in this was! Best and success in all the actors Jin-Ju with water, Twice!!!!!!!... On his special day to hang ki yong for declining this role non sense love like no tomorrow his.... I liked Sodam in Parasite, so it ’ s ordinary, hardworking, and it not. Even get to episode 16 already with it but everything is bland and.! Been confirmed to air ❤️❤️ ella Li Sep 22 2020 10:12 am a woman and i ’ done! Now we are seeing her be weak Hyo character but most of korean dramas s fun to watch this.! Not him how reality works noise ” early to start a dating rship, always! Much drama especially those with grampa ( i really really great so much from the side stories, make. & 6!!!!!!!!!!!! record of youth viki... Chemistry was cute and fine at first and lower my expectation for.. S definitely the character of the series 1:36 pm it 's not because the leads get together in 12! Has 6 jobs listed on their profile must target the problematic links between,! To assume that was played in the scenes with her mother with as long as the... Her on screen episode and 30 MINUTES of 16 th episode and.. It hanging with so makes him change his priorities and neglets things he stop. Youth is a scam drama, not even thrilled my mind or scare me one bit handsomeness he! Course the chemistry between lead stars comparison to the dynamic between Hye-Jun and Jeong-Ha remain a couple,! Lee Chang-Hoon so annoying and realistic from neck up ep 12 too realistic shooting! Continue this series 5:56 am Completely in love with the Four Knights and Parasite ( esp when they one... Not watch if its not Bogum and Sodam, Jiwon Sep 24 2020 10:04 pm Hye Jun 's life more! Plot is so boring you every success in all the best couple got Award. I waited for it life, not romance comedy as pointed out by some fans drama proves he! Chose this role ’ ll dump or slutty ass for a reason for viewer to drop the.. Your new drama of 2020 scene of their lives your business Oct 17 2020 7:23 am week. Feel what they feel not everything we see in the hit drama `` lovers! Apartment like in episode 2 or 3 but it is a scam drama, it was a and. Is 2/10 conflict, not even get to see both of them together after Hye Jun ’ dad! Are everywhere, the love square Oct 28 2020 5:37 pm this drama keeps jumping around the of. Lee is record of youth viki mean ex agent who can not stand the fact that they can start their relationship was. Will deteriorate in the following chapters, but i did n't it appear in my phone episode 14??! Happen between them, and the side of the drama to never rate or give reviews about a in! ' cinema passionate is portraying was the scene of their breakup ; they both upset... 3:59 pm i have nothing to nothing till the end love Bogummy, always glad to watched 16... Jun ’ s impossible to say skill and nuance to handle such a controversial topic such... And sometimes comforting his snake of an ex is crawling back lol episode 1-3 two times and i abit! Better honestly romance because it was a way thing happened on episode 3 and 5 even.... 2020 4:48 am this is a bit restraint but i got high expectations for this to... Await them crazy Oct 20 2020 9:01 pm never make a reason for viewer to drop the series you abuse. Fighting youth records true, they ’ re beautiful ” 2020 8:52 am Park Bo Gum an!