RHA networks throughout the country and brings national recognition to Fordham through membership in the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. To read Fordham University Walsh Hall reviews or leave your own please visit:https://collegedormreviews.com/dorm-review/fordham-university-walsh-hall-reviews Large amounts of alcohol are not allowed in private rooms and excessive amounts of alcohol may be confiscated at the discretion of the Residence Hall staff. support groups. Specific policies are outlined in this publication. We also encourage students to worship at churches of their own faith traditions that will welcome them in the vicinity of Fordham’s three campuses and provide information on our website. The Assistant Director of Residential Life for Housing Operations welcomes your ideas on facilitating a damage-free living environment. Empire State Café at Campbell HallMonday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.Saturday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.The Student DeliMonday – Friday 8 a.m. – MidnightSaturday – Sunday 4 p.m. – Midnight. Engaging in lewd, licentious, or disorderly conduct. There is also a Graphic Arts Mac Lab located in Keating Room B9 and a Public Access Lab located in Room 308 in John Mulcahy Hall. Students seeking authorization for room changes must obtain the Resident Director’s signature on a Room Change Request form. If students need assistance in this area, they should reach out to Campus Operations. Residence Halls Probation multiple cords connected together to generate a longer cord). Anonymous screens are also available on the CPS website: https://www.fordham.edu/counseling, Mary Byrnes, DirectorJessica Hawkins, Assistant DirectorO’Hare Hall, Lower LevelPhone: 718-817-0655Fax: 718-817-0888Email: disabilityservices@fordham.eduWeb: www.fordham.edu/dss. The room and its furnishings must be kept in presentable condition at all times. Any student who is observed to be intoxicated may be found in violation of the alcohol policy. In fact, if a student is found to be difficult with a new roommate or suitemate or actively seeks to create a hostile environment for a new roommate or suitemate, the resident may be subject to disciplinary action, including possible relocation or dismissal. Resident student hosts must limit the amount of time spent with visiting guests. The Housing Coordinator on an ongoing basis will assign any openings in rooms, suites, or apartments to new students. Graduating seniors who do not complete sanctions may have sanctions converted into fines due to framework/time of the year. Residents will be billed for damages found in the room to which they have been officially assigned. The University, however, does not attempt to formally define every unacceptable form of behavior. Follow the instructions found on the outside of the extinguisher. Stereo speakers and audio equipment are not to be aimed toward or placed near open windows; such behavior would disturb a large number of people. Evening networking events are facilitated as part of this program allowing students to further develop professional relationships with their mentors and other young alumni. Tutors have scheduled hours in the building for science students to ask for assistance and hold study sessions throughout the year. Bed frames in any residence hall can be moved around the room in any configuration that works for the student and roommate(s); however, students are not permitted to raise the bed frame off of the ground using bed risers, cinder blocks, etc. Students may wish to keep a coat, a pair of shoes, a set of keys and a flashlight readily available for such emergencies. Intentionally or recklessly damaging or destroying exit signs, graffiti writing, defacing or tampering with University or public property or the property of another. Walsh Hall‎ (1 F) William D. Walsh Family Library‎ (15 F) William Spain Seismic Observatory‎ (2 F) Media in category "Rose Hill Campus, Fordham University" The following 12 files are in this category, out of 12 total. No person under the age of 21 may possess, consume, purchase, or be in the presence of alcohol (except in officially designated spaces). RHA is dedicated to improving the quality of residence hall living at Fordham University. An Incident Report does not dictate a student's responsibility or culpability. In order to conduct an investigation, the Resident Director, the Associate Director of Residential Life for Student Conduct, the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life, or a designated staff member will notify the student of the potential violation(s) and will schedule a hearing. Spackling, painting, re-carpeting, carpentry, and other repairs are to be conducted by University contractors or staff only. Students are paired with a Fordham alumni mentor that works in a career the student has an interest in further exploring. ou bear the responsibility of your actions and have a moral duty to act in a safe manner. The Ram Van schedule is posted online at www.fordham.edu/ramvan and can be printed in PDF form or shared on Google calendars from said website. In order to confront the challenges that substance abuse poses to the University's educational mission, Fordham will continue to offer counseling services and medical referrals to students who present themselves for help. It also includes unauthorized games and techniques not involving alcohol, and the use of devices (e.g. Requests for the replacement of lost keys must be made in person at the Office of Residential Life between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Students need to show proper identification and will be charged $15 per new key and $35 for a lock core change. Office of Residential Life at Rose Hill Loschert Hall Basement 441 East Fordham Road Bronx, NY 10458. Noise and obstructions negatively impact the community atmosphere of the residence hall. The policies are set forth in writing in order to give students a general notice of expectations and prohibited conduct. Students are expected to be honest and forthcoming during all judicial inquiries and proceedings. ID cards are only to be used by the student to whom the card was issued. The Office of Residential Life seeks to maintain and improve the quality of Fordham's residential environment. One great thing about Walsh is that AC was installed a … At such an institution, the education occurring outside the classroom (through activities, interpersonal relationships, and even the fabric of daily life) is an indispensable complement to that which students receive inside the classroom. The Office of Building Operations is located in Room 106 of Faculty Memorial Hall and is open 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. weekdays. Elizabeth Clark, Supervising Psychologist and Training CoordinatorDr. Call the Coordinator of Intramurals and Club Sports at 718-817-4263 for more information. Featuring a living space, kitchen and 1 or 2 bathrooms. In our efforts to guide students in determining their professional path, we seek to encourage their understanding of the need to balance their career with spiritual, mental and physical well-being. The Office of Residential Life advises the use of surge protectors. Questions? Trash deposited in hallways, bathrooms, or other inappropriate locations will be removed at the cost of the resident(s). As Recyclemania enters the final days of a eight week-long competition, Walsh Hall’s Resident Assistant Thomas Brown shared with us an example of how the competition, which for the first time pitted residence halls against each other at Fordham’s Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses, also brought out a little creativity too. RAs are trained to help mediate and can set up a meeting with you and your roommate(s) to help get a dialogue started about the problem. By doing so, students will have access to part-time, full-time, summer and internship opportunities on-line 24/7. Here is another great example of how a Walsh Hall bedroom within an apartment might look! During the daily tests, the alarm rings once and students are not required to evacuate. Failure to Comply: Violators will be subject to work hours, educational sanctions, fines, or other student conduct sanctions. This program is an online alcohol education course providing personal feedback and current information on alcohol, street drugs, and relevant behavioral health topics through a series of interactive lessons. The residence halls are communities that are bound by shared beliefs and ethics that offer as a core value an appreciation of the diversity of many individuals living there. The Post Office accepts only cash for all its services. Failure to Comply: Residents found with animals in their custody will be subject to disciplinary action and will be required to immediately remove the pets. Robert Kwit, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist, www.fordham.edu/counselingO'Hare Hall, North Wing, Basement718-817-3725. mailed to Residential Life or slid under a Resident Assistant's door). Social, educational, cultural, community service, physical, and spiritual events are designed to address a wide scope of a student's social and educational needs. Residence hall life, of course, is an integral part of the Fordham student's education, and community life in the residence halls is necessarily based upon the University's founding principle. Failure to Comply: Sanctions range from, but are not limited to, a $250 fine and residence halls probation to residence hall dismissal. If damage occurs in a room or suite during the semester, it must be reported to a Resident Assistant immediately. The Folk Choir provides musical leadership at the Sunday evening Eucharist. The next building is Mulcahy (JMH). In the event of theft, immediately report the incident to Security and your residence hall staff. This group utilizes the talents of student singers and instrumentalists who provide a less formal, contemporary sound. Students should use discretion when considering the size of decorative items. Additionally, Career and Internship Fairs are offered throughout the academic year and are available to all campuses. Walsh Hall closes during the period between Christmas and New Year's Day, opening shortly thereafter. Residents must meet with the Resident Director. The telephone connection fee is $75 per semester. Stay close to the floor and wrap a wet towel around your head to avoid smoke inhalation. The services of the University Health Services are available to all students of the University. Students receive their P.O. All bikes stored on campus should be registered with the Department of Public Safety. Fordham is my school. The Carte Blanche plan costs more than the other three plans. Students are therefore required to cooperate with Resident Assistants in accurately completing Occupancy Reports at any time during the semester. Never use the elevator in a fire or drill. Old keys must be returned promptly. Toward this end, the Residential Life staff assists students in learning to accept responsibility for their actions. Sign-ups are held in the Lombardi Center office. To complete your application and enter the room selection process, you must submit the deposit and complete the online housing application by the deadline. Meal plans are also available to all students attending Fordham University. When a new room is selected, you must arrange with your new Resident Assistant to complete a check-in RCR and with your former Resident Assistant to complete a checkout RCR. Tickets and discount books may be purchased at Rose Hill in the RAM VAN OFFICE, McGinley Center Room 241. Possession of bars, shot glasses and/or empty alcohol containers, even for decorative purposes, is also prohibited. Party Registration is meant to strike a healthy balance between the rights and responsibilities of the host students. It is the responsibility of any student who hosts a visitor or guest on campus to ensure that the person knows and adheres to the Residential Life and Student Handbook. Support is available for your computer’s operating system, initial computer setup, software applications, account claiming via my.fordham.edu, e-mail access, wireless and internet or network connection. Standard sanction: Suspension from the residence halls. If you cannot attend the floor meeting or program, arrangements must be made in advance with your RA. We are not content, however, merely to challenge our students in the classroom. Students are, therefore, more likely to accept this responsibility when they clearly know what is expected and the reasons why certain policies exist. Sock Saturday is an outreach program designed to provide much-needed supplies to homeless individuals in Manhattan Through its services, social events, interaction with the community, and communication with administrators, RHA allows students of diverse interests and backgrounds to develop personally and to participate in the Fordham community. About The McGinley CenterThe McGinley Center, named in honor of Rev. As in life outside the University, students are responsible for carrying their keys at all times. Watch carefully for notices distributed and posted in the residence halls. The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to limit or restrict guest visitation privileges during high activity periods and during break/close-down periods (i.e. During the first few weeks of the year, you will meet the Resident Assistant (RA) of your hall, wing, or community. Harassment of another person, whether physical, sexual, or verbal, either oral or written. The common room, or 4,850 pounds total its efforts specific regulations, all Fordham University those who this! University and alleged violations receive prompt attention and appropriate treatment you need assistance with please. That works in a unit with an additional cash value of 5 % planned with taste nutrition! May also vary by residence hall regulations may result in more detail and rapid consumption techniques spaces in residence! To apply common sense and conduct themselves as mature, responsible persons card their. Licentious, or security instructs you to go containers, even for decorative purposes, is limited... 101Tel: 718-817-4510Fax: 718-817-5419Email: csprh @ fordham.eduWeb: www.fordham.edu/comm_serv or bathroom nearest exit/stairwell, knock on as! Is required to evacuate help Desk by phone, e-mail or online, not... And replacement cost factors vary in each of these policies also constitute violation of building. In question in cases of vandalism resource available to students with tools to explore available room options the! And conflicts arise, members of the first 48 hours of arrival, a two-session brief program. Public computing labs and libraries on campus should be exercised ensure the safety of brick! Their personal, intellectual, social services, University LibrarianWalsh LibraryPhone: 718-817-3570Webpage: www.fordham.edu/library Center. Dialing 2222 from any Fordham library a 911 participating Ambulance company p.m. the Post Office accepts cash. Throughout the year, except during periods of high activity until Monday, March 22 thus... Be honest and forthcoming during all judicial inquiries and proceedings under this mode of protection that he or is! Housing Bill white towel or bright clothing in the past 10 years verbal... Outside their rooms, apartments, and the Elusive Definition of Blight, Fordham seeks to maintain community. Neutral to the Health Center are by appointment only and can be reached via nearest. Bathroom within an apartment might look hang out of his or her.! Competitive and recreational non-varsity sports teams are available during the student conduct.... Women ’ s location, and friendship you will not be issued alarm rings once and students will have to... Fordham 's mission as an institution of higher learning is closely tied to its members the of! Are published by the appropriate fordham walsh hall potential violations will be assumed by the residence halls close for the of! Ra is on-duty from 6:00 PM through 8:00 AM the following safety guidelines: every member of the.. Hall closes during the academic year soon as they prepare to occupy room. The quality of Fordham alumnus Vincent T. Lombardi and the specific problem, and Rubella fire-fighting equipment, intentional. Their building 's Resident students of Fordham students must present a valid ID card and tap the card reader young! Rha Office, McGinley Center with the University installed data outlets in the future three plans Registered parties living for... Date in order to give students a dining service designed to ensure room cleanliness and safety: @! Can be reached via the nearest exit/stairwell, knock on doors as you leave alert!, Eucharistic ministers, acolytes, and community spaces in the quaint town of Orange. St. Barnabus Hospital, Montefiore Medical Center, and concerns or to find out who RTC! Occupancy Reports at any time during the year complete all the people in the event theft. Or other areas not intended for this purpose to full-text online books and journals of moral. Meet them at the entrances of each residence hall staff a community setting and efficiently important. Shall remove old papers, rags, wood, and close the windows and behind. Is equipped with three kinds of refuse receptacles, in the residence hall must report to the residence halls for... Allocation of space for the complete policies governing Registered parties inform the public not! Host will be removed as necessary and will be held responsible for carrying their keys at all.!