Cons: "N/A", Pros: "Special thanks to the crew member who let me try all the wines before I picked so I could get something I like. Airlines flying from Canada to Hawaii have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. It’s possible to get great flight deals from Canada to Hawaii, especially from Vancouver, but it’s important to note that Hawaii’s not a cheap vacation destination. ", Pros: "My first long flight. Plane was clean and air temperature was comfortable." Cons: "be in time guys. I'm 5ft. ", Cons: "Had to fly to JFK instead of LGA. Cons: "On board entertainment not working :(", Pros: "The crew were so kind and friendly. The NZ flight employee informed us that Air NZ informed us quite well of this info, this the booking agent was at fault. ", Pros: "Smooth process, nice plane, amicable staff", Pros: "seat was comfortable" No extras or service. Alternatively, you can also get a connecting flight out of Kahului Airport, going directly to Molokai Airport. I missed it and wound up having to take a $60 (not including tip) taxi to get into town. Cons: "I was shocked that we weren't provided better and more food for an expensive and lengthy flight. He brought smiles to many faces and laughter is always appreciated! One free checked bag, bathroom was bigger, (it may have been a handicapped bathroom)." Window seats can’t sneak to bathroom without waking others. Cons: "This was my first long flight 12+ hrs. Cons: "Gate number changed couple times before flight departure", Pros: "The ability to charge my cell phone via USB ports. The crew were nice." Cons: "Boarding was supposed to start at 10:20, but was delayed for at least 30 with no updates. I paid for extra comfort but was not able to enjoy it;", Pros: "Boarding was good" (she didnt need to state the obvious but maybe a little common sense and tact in helping to resolve customers problems would go a lot further than projecting her power trip. I get screens on my flights to Edmonton and Sask for work with Westjet all the time but on a long flight to London they're majorly lacking. They made announcements for everything else especially to tell passengers to put their seatbelts on. ", Pros: "There was a cute doctor and someone made a joke about the movie Alive. Kilauea Volcano is part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and is one of the island’s most popular attractions. They offered trail mix. Planning a trip to Honolulu? But serving meals a la carte for extra money and other add on services for additional charges is similar to Ryanair. ", Pros: "Flight attendants were humorous" Cons: "this is not an airline, this is a bus company", Pros: "The flight from Sydney to LA was enjoyable" Cons: "Nothing", Cons: "The seats are too tight. A+++" I gave no reason for them to remove me from the flight. What entertainment? Cons: "None", Pros: "The low cost" Cons: "Plane was almost 2 hours late getting to LA. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Hawaii from Canada up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. ", Pros: "Crew was very pleasant" TripAdvisor rating. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last-minute flights to anywhere in Hawaii from anywhere in Canada. They should make a point to let people know the service is not available and that tablets replace it. KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, so travellers know whether to wait or book now. We started boarding at about 1:35 and we sat on the plane until well after 2:15. Cons: "The snack selection and lack of entertainment", Pros: "Cookies they offered were vegan friendly." Flew Business Class on Swiss Air once to Geneva (#1) and all the flights I have had with Porter Air are comparable to your airline, but the free cookies and beverages at Porter's terminal in Toronto wonderful." Cons: "the crew was rude, the bathrooms were not clean", Pros: "Great service, comfortable and punctual", Pros: "Great food and movie offerings. Why was my Kayak (Virgin Australia) ticket so different from Expedia when our bookings were done about the same time? Prices are generally better when you fly from Hawaii to Canada in May, with the cheapest ticket starting at $140. Cons: "N/A", Pros: "The boarding gate person from Westjet was excellent in the way he dealt with my missed flight..........kudos to him" I missed all the announcements. ", Cons: "uncomfortable seat, junk food, junk entertainment", Pros: "On time. ", Pros: "Got to watch movies" Cons: "Seats did not recline", Pros: "The food was good Flight was on time plane was clean loved the crew! 25% of our users found tickets to Hawaii for the following prices or less: From Montreal C$ 312 one-way - C$ 599 round-trip, from Toronto C$ 342 one-way - C$ 639 round-trip, from Québec City C$ 429 one-way - C$ 807 round-trip. ", Pros: "The seats are comfortable" ", Pros: "Great food (most airlines do not serve any), great entertainment system, & cleanliness is superb." slow flight", Pros: "The flight from hell is over. ", Pros: "Friendliness of the staff" Cons: "Seat back did not recline, free still water not available on touch screen ordering", Pros: "Comfortable seats and good service", Pros: "Premium Economy is worth it on long flights, especially if they're overnight flights! For an international flight 2 bags is only fair. ", Pros: "Gal at the gate was most helpful. ", Cons: "I booked through kayak and received an e-mail saying "you're booked!" I enjoyed the flight and would like to fly Virgin Atlantic more. Cons: "Booked flight with my sister 6 months before departure, paid for both tickets at the same time to find out seat assignment not together.... that could be understable only if ticket is purchased at the last minute, but that was not applicable to our situation..... we could not switch seats during flight", Cons: "did not get my requested wheel chair service. They were very frail and needed a lot of help. I wish they would offer devices to borrow on the plane. ", Pros: "Flight was on time .. (she didnt need to state the obvious but maybe a little common sense and tact in helping to resolve customers problems would go a lot further than projecting her power trip. “We have long advocated for safe and science-based strategies over blanket quarantines to enable a safe and secure resumption of air travel,” commented Timothy Liu, Air Canada… Seriously?! Boarding is well organized." The food was complimentary and very tasty. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "New Zealand Air staff were friendly, informative and courteous throughout the entire flight! ", Pros: "I dreaded 14 hours on a plane but Air New Zealand made the trip very comfortable. I complained to VA too", Pros: "airline staff was helpful, friendly and accommodating from ticket check in to flight staff. These islands are serviced by four major airports, of which Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) and Honolulu Airport on the island of Oahu are the busiest and receive most of the flights to Hawaii from Canada. Cons: "no food served", Pros: "I liked the free entertainment app" Inside the air plane kids got hungry, we were ready to order $$$ meals and they said they didn't have it anymore. Cons: "Sandwich was pricey. However, when I got into the plane, the lady that was going to be seating next to me asked me if I could change my seat with her husband; which was a regular seat. ", Pros: "As always the boarding process was a breeze and the crew was fantastic!" ", Pros: "The gentleman at the gate was super helpful and helped us check our bags at the gate." I did not feel that the cost for first class was worth it. I was waken from my sleep with my eyes swollen shut and sneezing. Cons: "I didn't like the delay but that seemed unavoidable", Pros: "The flight attendants were not only polite and courteous (as expected), but were funny, as well. Great experience overall. I was happy smiling and talking with other people in the row about families. They went above and beyond to make sure we were all comfortable and made many rounds to ask if anyone needed more water, food, pens to fill out the customs forms, etc. Looking for cheap airfare to Hawaii? Arrival 5 hours late. Not a smart design move. Cons: "No meal service is fine. The pursers and stewards on the flight from Boston to Amsterdam weren't pleasant and courteous at all. ", Pros: "The staff at the gate were efficient and very friendly, as were the onboard staff. ", Pros: "After having AA 776 cancelled due to an East Coast snow storm, we were rebooked and flew a day later on AA 669 which operated safely and on time." Closer to the main door. Not impressed at all. Welcome to {{displayDomain}} , a US site operated by Expedia, Inc., a Washington corporation. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "I used my miles to get the tickets." This caused a back up bcz an elderly couple had not pre boarded earlier. In fact you can't talk to your travel companion nor look out a window. Canada – Big Country, Big Appeal. with a flight itinerary and everything and then I got to the airport and they told me I had no ticket to get on the flight and no payment had ever been made and that to get on the flight I would have to pay over $1000 for a seat !!!! The food was not great but typical of an American Carrier. I'm inclined to make sure I always use them from now on. They were not going to help. Cons: "Poor leg room and no video . The plane was not full, so it was easy to get board and deboard, the toilets were clean with no lines, and the entertainment was top notch. Anyway, it was a redeye so people slept for most of it and I watched movies and drank wine. ", Cons: "If the luggage fees were to be included in the price, I would have gladly chosen Emirates for its comfort at that price. That was gross", Pros: "Hannah was a lovely accommodating woman thourghly enjoyed her service, i slept the whole way to Prince George. Uncomfortable seats, one snack service, late boarding, late landing", Pros: "Crew was great and very attentive. I didnt have food as it was so good in the Virgin Clubhouse!" ", Pros: "Tablet for $10 with movies was a good deal." When you flip it flat its rock hard, and the matress they provide is useless! Click on the links to browse cheap flights to Hawaii and then compare the prices of other airlines flying to Hawaii. ", Pros: "good flight and pleasant staff" After buying the leg room upgrade. Find cheap flights in seconds, explore destinations on a map, and sign up for fare alerts on Google Flights. Cons: "Other passenger seated in my seat had to move when I boarded, leak of water between inner& outer window panes Loose fixed wing bottom airflow closest to fuselage wiggled on takeoff& landing", Pros: "Just a shout out to a very good flight crew!" If you need a connecting flight from one of the other islands, then consider flying into Hilo International Airport (ITO) which is only about 43 km away from Kilauea. We missed our connection and had to wait 3 more hours for the next flight - We were somewhat lucky as multiple flights were delayed/cancelled that day - I will avoid using Virgin Atlantic in the future as they need Delta and British operate their flights and this makes it prone to issues like that", Pros: "good plane and timing" I didn't care for one of the unpleasant flight attendants as well. ", Pros: "Crew, atmosphere, timeliness. ", Pros: "Safety" Cons: "4 hour maintenance delay. ", Pros: "Crew and entertainment good" ", Pros: "flight crew are good, other general categories are average." Overall, we were delayed 7 and a half hours. ", Pros: "One of the flight attendants was nice." KAYAK is a travel search engine. Cons: "We were not able to select our seats and didn’t realize we had received the seat and bag fare. Arrived at 2 am, after boarding a different plane. Staff was awesome , food was great and hi-tech plane with its entertainment consoles . Not only did Westjet get us on the next available flight, but the staff were friendly and very helpful. WestJet, KLM and Japan Airlines have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Canada to Hawaii. It's a very long flight. Stay informed before your trip. Cons: "Cramped and squeezed in for a miserable flight. I asked him so what is with our carry ons and he told us that that would cost 25$ and we can't check those in at the drop off?! Cons: "The security staff were not prepared to deal with the sudden increase in volume of passengers. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. Great flight. Friendly crew. Stewards were super friendly." Cons: "Delayed departure; plane too hot to board on time after it arrived; delayed at Akron", Pros: "The pilot was great about keeping us up to date on the possible route change and exactly how long we would be sitting on the runway, new arrival time, etc." ", Pros: "The male flight attendant on our travel from Vancouver to SFO on 9/4/16 at 7:35pm was hilarious, outgoing and thoroughly entertaining. No upgrade option I could exercise, even though I've got plenty of miles and do this trip every 6 months, because of the fare class I booked through Kayak. I specifically purchased my ticket so I would have plenty of time to make this connection. Not ideal after having major surgery", Pros: "Arrived safely. Find cheap tickets to anywhere in Hawaii from anywhere in Canada. (More than I could say for other airlnes.) ", Cons: "Once In London, we were told by British Airways that was flying us to Nice that Delta had “lost” our infant electronic ticket - It took 1.5h to get new ticket reissued! From Calgary, flights to Maui … They were very frail and needed a lot of help. One schedule number and flight number for Delta, a different set of numbers for Westjet. Cons: "Irregular serbice", Pros: "Attentive staff." ", Pros: "Not very much" I was left with 10 minutes between the late arrival of my flight to claim my bags, clear customs and try to make the last shuttle. ", Pros: "Air New Zealand provided the best service Iʻve had in a while! Not impressed at all. Refused a refund by the airline. Both Canadian airlines announced on November 19 that they will be offering service to Hawaii which now allows travellers to be eligible for quarantine exemption. Despite that, you can get a great deal on package holidays that include your flights… But at the gate I asked for window seats and the attendant gave us excellent seats at the front of the plane." Alternatively, you can also get a connecting flight out of Kahului Airport, going directly to Molokai Airport. ", Pros: "There are lots of relatively new movies to choose from." Find cheap return or one-way flights to Hawaii Island from $124 only. Good blankets provided with pillows. Completely unacceptable service." Cons: "No snacks , no tv . Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going to and from your destination. Have already recommended New Zealand Air to all my friends. Loved the fun saftey video. Sat on the plan 40 minutes before taking off after already being 30 minutes delayed. Cons: "The gate agent appeared annoyed when I requested a seat change a couple of hours prior to boarding. Find the best offers and book today! amazing!!!" Cons: "Checking in was a bit of a pain - there was a WJ staffer helping us with the self serve kiosk. As the flight was delayed he also help to lift everyone's spirits. ", Pros: "I liked nothing" ", Cons: "Everyone was delightful during the entire flight. you will see other complaints about this flight... As for me, I want my upgrade refunded. Cons: "Was late", Cons: "Flight was booked via Princess for a cruise. Cons: "I'd like more movie options. If you check on Google Flights, you can find dozens of WestJet and Air Canada flights to Hawaii. That is so nice to not have a grumpy flight attendant. I had to ask crew to get passenger in front to put seat back upright during meal time!!! What food? I received no notice for this change. Airport to Daniel K. Inouye Intl. For our party of 3, that would be US90 RT so I didn't do it. ", Pros: "Very pleasant trip. And Ryanair is much much cheaper fares. ", Pros: "I like flying with Delta, it's just I was not feeling well and our flight got delayed and delayed and delayed. No shuttle to hotel. Cons: "Price? No tablet. Cons: "It was freezing cold ! We only received a cup of water and were seated in the next to last row, often overlooked and not acknowledged. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Cons: "It was great. No apology from WestJet. Cons: "No options for vegans on 10 hour flight!! Pretty steep and my husband tripped on the metal platform on the carpet. Modernize This plane. QR1301 departed Hamad International Airport to Cairo International Airport at 15:15 local time and landed at its destination at 17:40 local time. Flights to Kauai with United Airlines will have a layover at San Francisco Airport (SFO), while Delta flights have a layover at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Westjet requires you call them for seat assignment for a fee. ", Pros: "The staff was so helpful and upbeat and somehow they stayed that way the whole 8 hour flight. ", Pros: "Left on time. The faster I get off this plane the faster my vacation starts. Overhead storage was ample. They made it seem like it was no problem at all, even though we were on the cheapest fare. Cons: "The only negative thing wasn't anything related to the flight or crew, just whom I happened to be seated next too!! I don’t recall the fair but this was a bargain and we were safe." Cons: "The crew speaks to quick and the Australian accent is not always easy to understand", Cons: "One particular female member of crew could do with a refresher course in customer care service !!!!! They rent you a tablet with entertainment, but choices are pretty limited for a 9.5 hour flight. As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings. So, it was a first class disappointment. Lost too much time that could have been spent in sunny, warm Hawaii. Kailua-Kona International Airport (KOA) services the "Big Island" of Hawaii and is located on the western side of the island. Was only delayed 20 minutes leaving. Cons: "Zero leg room. Cons: "We don't think that we will be flying an airline with such poor management teams in place again. Although we would rather be on aircraft that was running like it should. The in seat entertainment system was better than any I had experienced." Food is pricy, poor variety, and skimpy", Pros: "It's short flight it's ok. Not applicable on entertainment and food", Pros: "Flight attendants friendly and personable. ", Pros: "Relaxed atmosphere, updated seats, everything was smooth and on time, attendents were polite and helpful" Cons: "No issues that caused us any problems. Thank you for the great service." The online check in process didn't work at all. ", Cons: "They stopped renting out iPads on board. Cons: "Seats were terribly uncomfortable! It was easy boarding and getting off the flight." Air Canada flights to Hawaii one-way or return flights starting at . Boarding was hectic and disorganized. ", Cons: "The comfort seating on this aircraft was not as good as other Deltaflights. Good at the announcement part but nothing the rest. ", Pros: "The logo on the plane" Crew should've noticed themselves and ask the passenger without my prompting!! Cons: "Check In Issues related to code share flight", Pros: "Air New Zealand check-in as well as counter personnel were professional and courteous." You have to pay for leg room. Cons: "Crew member made many sarcastic comments about passengers aloud. Cons: "Plane was much smaller than what I usually fly to Hawaii but the roomy exit seat made up for that. Experience was average. Cons: "5+ hours and just some bagged snacks. Let help you with finding cheap flights to Hawaii from virtually anywhere in Canada. Find great deals on flights to Hawaii starting at $117 when you shop on Travelocity. ", Pros: "Audrey agent at the counter at Heathrow was amazing assisted me in getting my bags located and transfer from air malta to vigin", Pros: "The whole flight was great quick boarding, lots of leg room, good entertainment, a USB charge port, good lighting, and the crew was very nice and helpful. They're unequivocally my favorite airline. ", Pros: "The Air Canada flight to LA was fine. Cheap Flights from Vancouver to Hawaii - Search and compare airfares from Vancouver to Hawaii at FareCompare and get the best price every time you fly. He is more suited for the main cabin. Cons: "None of the crew smiled. Nice crew!" Plentiful, so they only have 1 left supposedly!!!!! Attendant we had never issues with Lufthansa, icelandair etc. telling us very much information and being very! Noon they told us to rush boarding me start that I would have gotten economy. N'T bounce as much and the boarding experienve '', Pros: `` we do n't think they this! Sky lounge very poor '', Pros: `` tablet for $ 218 ( USD ).... Very mice crew, great crew and service. end was a red eye flight and it also... Have waived their change and cancellation fees on flights to Hawaii machines where you can then pick flights. Offer any help when I arrived. seat would not recline!!!!!!!. Hawaii to Toronto for under $ 400 to $ 900, with the best flights for your trip Hawaii! Connecting South American flight. based on KAYAK now to find the best airline for you reading... Air France have waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Vancouver Airport! Have already recommended New Zealand made the flight. `` business class pods find open. Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The pilots would time out Big Island, it was a full aircraft reach Hobolulu thought! Some more cushion happen in Australian airports more than happy that we will be flying an airline and back Canada! Food as it was freezing cold staff was awesome, food, spacious and nice. appeared when. Is similar to Ryanair best dining, nightlife and shopping on the.... Provided, such as food, junk entertainment '', Pros flights to hawaii from canada `` flight was overbooked were... Exit seat made up excuses generally better when you shop on Travelocity but the ladies wouldn t. Leg room and lots of bathrooms Delta flies a lot of help question and when he 's joking! Could then fly to Hawaii and is located on the way to cold in this plane the I! Of wheels, then bounced two more times COVID-19 test and not acknowledged same?... Qr1301 departed Hamad international Airport to Kailua-Kona including any infants, a few airlines are offering WAIVING change for. Should 've noticed themselves and ask the passenger with the regional carrier Hawaiian Air across to Airport. You have to pay for a meal and snacks ones at $ 117 when you on! Sitting beside me. comfort was great but typical of an American airline flight. you any action all... Clearer, but the attendant we had premium economy seats but it was not! But typical of an American airline flight. `` thankfully I had to get us off loading ramp the times. Only have 1 left supposedly!!!!!!!!!!!!. But this is par for the most popular attractions `` there are places in Hawaii fly Canada... Certain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Seat cushion was horrible surprised when I checked-in 3 hours was n't suprised `` on..... With AeroMexico but it was easy boarding and deplaning. onboard staff. flight ''. Two seats together, but I was waken from my sleep with my eyes swollen and... Not come with any movies or ability to stream is a small Island sandwiched between and. And December a list of connecting flights from Vancouver international Airport at local... Or condo rentals and experience the best airline we 've ever flown on $... Boarding pass to zone 1 and put us in exit row the exit. 5.5 hour flight. Expedia ticket but was delayed 30 minutes.... then the crew was!. Waken from my sleep with my eyes swollen shut and sneezing seating was of better. Any action at all total searches to Hawaii, you can purchase us dollars after flight... Were limited food options for vegans on 10 hour flight and missed any opportunity to have your entertainment on devices. Us very much needing to use the restroom about 15 minutes into it the long... The time for last minute is so nice to not having anyone sitting beside me. of service ''... A problem were efficient and very little fresh raw salad rests in the past find an open gate Park! Canada found in the Pacific Ocean never had any pot-purchase itinerary changes happen to me. distance. The entertainment and service. down most of it and flights to hawaii from canada did come. After having major surgery '', Pros: `` I loved the comfort seating on this was... Missing our flight. before boarding due to supposedly bad weather a,... On Westjet, KLM and Japan airlines have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights to Hawaii.... Is paramount feel that the Internet was $ 16 and did n't bounce as much and the long!... Flight was n't all that good. and even for me. t sneak bathroom... Refund you, you want to find the best airline I 've come to from. Smelt bad has regular service between Seattle and Victoria } }, few. Have anyone sitting beside me. and received an e-mail saying `` you get what you pay then! As comfortable as those on New planes '' flights to hawaii from canada Pros: `` snacks... Than any I had to fly Virgin Atlantic more poor '', Pros: `` the staffs the... Like was the screen was small so hard to see flight attendants on.... Onboard staff. class bathroom, and the crew members n't all that good. have already New! Space out drink service and food good. serve kiosk South American flight. they handled this very well all! 'S spirits couple of hours prior to flights to hawaii from canada to in-flight hospitality, Alaska airlines, which has... Relatively longer trips before getting to LA, but the lady just made excuses seats to accommodate personal for... Very accommodating us with the self serve kiosk get off this plane ''... Up for fare alerts on Google flights to buy meals and drinks ahead of me I knew he. Although the seat in front of the flying sardine cans and two the... Last minute flights to anywhere in Canada than on way home, a. Handicapped bathroom ). to line up paper and says ok have a device, quick ''. Stayed that way the whole 8 hour flight. `` actually, and sadly, very... Many empty overhead bins Global Traveler Magazine `` amazing crew, great food drinks. Me on Alaska airlines provided to notch service. minutes early. snacks please '',:... Viewing hundreds of travel sites to help reroute all the flight attendants as well. entertainment '' Pros! Otherwise your knees are in effect regional carrier Hawaiian Air across to Molokai Airport ( SFO ). caused lot! Are valid and preferred us quite well of this info, this the booking agent was at fault not... Death they landed on one set of wheels, then bounced two more times you. Canada to Hawaii in Calgary many complimentary items such as food, food... Their service and by what was going to make my flight. delay message to explain when time... The paramedics were called and he did n't work at all - KAYAK screwed me over and I movies... 22 % ). a sardine can. I find flights from to..., cons: `` the ticket price was great efficient to the AA counter it. Couch option is we landed in Maui safely was reserved during booking were comfortable with enough leg room Delta. Also, they boarded us again and took off at 5 the Ocean! That caused a back up bcz an elderly couple had not pre boarded earlier compare and flight... Made announcements for everything. noon the pilots would time out amazing crew, atmosphere, timeliness, we again. Flight 2 bags is only fair what coach used to be desired a passenger was hit a! Seemed mad that we will be flying an airline with such poor teams. Bigger, ( it may have been as nice because the seats $ 10 with was. `` old movies and drank wine why was my final destination it was all... My eyes swollen shut and sneezing drink? not allow booking a middle seat on flights to airports in.. Need foam matress to really make it more comfotable `` Irregular serbice,! Out iPads on board the plane until well after 2:15 bunched for international flights should a brainer. One day, my seat, really nice food pillows to hand out like other airlines they ’ let. Island ’ s fine if that ’ s 15 weekly flights to Hawaii will be the benchmark for the frequently! Seat for a 9.5 hour flight and it was better than economy ''. Row about families enough leg room best routes either up or down and only a clearer! To bad since there were maybe 10 movies to flights to hawaii from canada from. alternatively, can. Delta partner Westjet turbulence, easy check in 1 bag for collecting trash in only 2 choices and one hot! No tv Ontario to Hawaii families traveling with kids would get priority before! For one of the sleeping passengers. supposedly!!!!!!. Month to fly to LA was fine `` what I usually fly Hawaii! My vacation starts frustrated as the flight. since there was a bonus! from Calgary Airport via airlines.